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Title: Concepts
Author: [Bad username or site: @]/[Bad username or site: @]
Fandom: The Dark Knight/Nolanverse
Pairing: Batman/Joker, onsided Harleen/Joker, Harley/Poison Ivy
Genre(s): AU, Angst, Lime
Prompt: First Sight
Word Count: 2,564
Summary: Captain Joker isn’t pleased with his captive.
Disclaimer: Full disclaimer here.
Note: A new story set in the premises of the world originally set in the fic, Magnolia as well as a side story to Perdición. It is not necessary to read Magnolia in order to understand this (comments would be appreciated) but, it would be wise to read Perdición to understand a bit of where this is going. The basis of the AU is that Joker is a pirate and Bruce obviously is not- he’s an officer. But now... well now a couple of new characters must be brought in since they'll be showing up eventually in the next few chapters of Perdición. The characters may be a little OOC since I'm mostly going by memory of the animated series and the little I read of the comics (really has been meaning to read more) but I had fun with this. Written for the [ profile] batmanjoker Team challenge at [ profile] knightvsanarchy and gosh I'm sorry for having been away for so long. ;~; I've missed the challenges, trust me.

Also those interested in who I based off Poison Ivy and Harleen check these links out:

Oh, before I forget Ivy's ship is a Sloop unlike Gotham which is a Frigate. And just one small note, edits to this will be done after school. >.>;;

Harleen had first seen Joker when she was working at Arkham, a small dingy hotel where she lived. She had heard stories of a man with scars after he had assaulted her small town of The Narrows. Here in this little town the poor lived, barely getting by as the King across the river sat in his own palace with clean sheets and clean streets. Harleen wasn't rich and she had no birthright to live across the river so she spent her days cleaning when she could, sleeping wherever she pleased (when the weather was nice enough), people-watching as much as she liked in the bars and hotels she helped in.

She didn't know why the Joker came here, only that he was obsessed with the King Gordan's new flagship Gotham. It was just a ship and a nice one at that but to go into a full-fledged war over it? Well, it was... fascinating to say the least. She had seen men get possessive over women all the time but ships? Not so much. It was possible she had just never seen it before, at least not in the way that Joker showed his obsession.

She saw him firsthand when he began to fight the officers reigning down on him in his first attempt to take Gotham. It was a spectacular event and she laughed when she saw the amount of officers killed by him. It served them right after lazing off on the job and coming over to The Narrows for a warm bed and company. In fact a couple tried to go after her. They had found out the hard way that such things simply didn't happen to the likes of her.

It was shortly after this that she met Joker in person.

She had never seen such a person act as he did. His ticks and his laughter and his crazy eyes that stared into her, but not really at her- it kept her rooted to the spot. She still had blood on her from the officers who had tried to take advantage and she watched as his eyes roamed over the trails. She swallowed and quirked an eyebrow at him in invitation.

It was then that Harleen discovered that she was Joker's.


There were times when Joker would come in to port specifically to see her. These were times before he had captured Gotham for himself. She enjoyed the nights he'd come out to her room in The Narrows. It was fun and she always made sure to feed him some fish. She enjoyed his company and once or twice whenever the mood struck him he'd take her with him on some errands. Errands that usually included her handy skills with a rifle or a knife.

Later they'd press up against each other in the alley behind her hotel, too turned on to take it upstairs and too tired to make it up there. They'd stand there, laughing in the dark as the blood of others spread over their fingers. Harleen would arch up into the edge of his knife screaming as she came to the sight of her blood on his fingers.

It was nights like those that made her long for him. But she knew it was wise not to wait up for him with the pretense of romance. She once made that mistake and he'd laughed in her face before leaving. Despite her desire to see him, she'd just go about her days as she usually did and watch carefully at the telltale signs of his arrival in the scratches in the walls.

Sometimes he didn't come to her when he came into town. Sometimes he'd just let his crew off in the harbor and he'd stay on his ship (then called the Chaos). Sometimes she'd see him in passing and he'd completely ignore her. It hurt, yes. But it was either those nights in the alley and her room or nothing at all.

The day before he captured Gotham was the last time she ever saw him in The Narrows. The night before the well developed plan (sometimes he did that, but only rarely) he took her to his ship and there he took her in front of the eyes of his crew. The crew didn't stay around long enough though, they left in a hurry. She remembered that night the most for the scars he left on her. They were nothing like his (after all, only one of them could have a face like his) but they were etched onto her body forever.

That night was when everything changed for them. She had known somewhere deep inside of her something would change between them when he finally got what he wanted. So she told him what he meant to her and he laughed at her declarations just before shooting her in the shoulder.

The pain in her shoulder was nothing to the pain now blinding her mind. She fell into the darkness that had once swept her away with delightful promises of company only to fade away into maniacal laughter.

She opened her eyes in the morning to a pair of different green eyes.

“You're lucky I was around,” they whispered to her.


Pamela was a pirate. She had been traveling under her husband's command for the past year but apparently a strange accident happened to him. Harleen laughed when the red head told her the story. She knew exactly what type of “accident” had occurred and as far as she was concerned she thought it made perfect sense considering the woman's view on men in general. This female pirate was probably the only one of her kind and she was a terror if the stories about her were true.

“Come with me,” Pamela requested a week after she had nursed Harleen back to health. “We could go sailing the seas as long as we want to with no man to tell us what they want.”

“Oh?” Harleen laughed. “Really? How are we going to do that?”

“What do you mean how?” Pamela laughed. “It's easy, I've done it for nearly a year, you can as well- you just need to get the hang of things and you'll be fine.”

Harleen didn't bother to say anything to that but from the look in her eyes Pamela knew it was a yes.


“Just one question,” Harleen asked as they boarded their ship Magnolia. “What's your real name? Because I know no one who calls you Pamela, sweetie.”

“Poison Ivy,” she replied easily, grinning as she watched the masts go up higher with every step she took.


“And you Harleen Quinzel?”

“Ugh, I told you not to call me that.”

“What should I call you then?”

She thought and for a moment she was back in the alley with blood coating her hands as she felt her hands pressed up above her head.

“Has little Harley been a good girl while I was away? How many officers did my dear harlequin kill?”

She shivered slightly and whispered the name out in reverence, “Harley Quinn.”

It was possibly another year before the likes of Batman came back. He was a man dressed in black and although his clothing was far from perfect (really just all black? No sense of style at all) his fighting skills made up for it. She watched in awe as he sailed the massive ship. It was old and had probably seen better days but she knew that ship anywhere.

Passing the spyglass over to Ivy she murmured, “It's Gotham.”

The Gotham?” Ivy repeated taking a look for herself.

“The one and only.”

“Come on then,” Ivy grinned hand back the tool to her First Mate. “Let's give Batman over there a nice welcome into our seas.”

Harley took the spyglass and for a moment pondered if perhaps... perhaps something-

Then she shook her head and proceeded to shriek out the orders that was left unsaid between them. Feeling a fierce anger inside her burn as she realized what this meant. Joker had been taken out. Gotham was no longer his. Gotham was Batman's and-

She pursed her lips and loaded her gun, she would get her answers later. Now she had to concentrate on other things. Steeling herself for the upcoming battle she grinned over at Ivy- she couldn't wait to play with their new companion.


The thing about meeting new people was the fact that Harley believed nothing much ever changed between your pirates or your officers. Yet as she made her way up to Batman she knew right away something was just.... off about him. Raising her rifle she grinned at him, knowing that Ivy was taking care of the few men on board.

However as most ironic instances go, she really did cringe at the predictable factor she had left unchecked as another laughed behind her.

“Dear.... you may ah- may want to put that toy away.” Giggle. “Unless you wanna seeeee how the small it really is...”

For a moment she paused before she whispered, “Joker?” Momentarily stunned her captor whirled her around and she was face to face with the man who had haunted her.


She hissed angrily and a knife was introduced between them, “don't call me that. Ever.

A cackle met her words and she knew then he hadn't changed much at all.


Considering who the men before her were she was more than just a little confused about the way the two men walked together. She had only seen them a few times together and although that had mostly been Joker keeping up with the conversation now Bats was also taking full part in the new dialogue. Dialogue that wasn't exactly hard to follow given how loud they were fighting and yelling.

She and Ivy watched from the other side of the ship watching the two Captains of Gotham go at it. It was the first time she had ever seen the two men fight and it seemed as if she'd always seen them like this. Their moves were so in sync that she knew that this was done on a daily basis. The more she watched the more she understood. She felt her heart ache a little at the looks her ex-honey shot the Bat.

Yet Harley couldn't help it. She watched as these giants went at it. Punches flew, knives came into the fight and some sort of differently shaped knives on Bat's side made their way in as well. Laughter floated over from time to time but she knew who it was. She didn't need to make sure to know it was the crazed man.

Although the Joker had explained that the two were both Captain of the ship and that as far as the crew knew (which only consisted of two men) they were fairly okay with the deal, she felt a little confused about it still. Joker had merely shrugged at her. It wasn't as if there could be anything done about it anyway. What was done was done now and watching it unfurl before her eyes made her mind reel with new concepts to take in and ponder about.

And as they fought her years of people-watching began to help her adjust to this new information. Batman and Joker were two sides of the same coin. One oddly burned and the other clean... Well as clean as it would ever be, there would always be blood stains on it. They were enemies and yet friends? It seemed if they understood each other anyway.

She went over the stories she had heard from an old merchant about yin and yang and as unlikely as they were she began to see them unfurl with the two men as protagonists. Dark always accompanied light. Light wasn't always completely light, it had dark in it as well and dark had light as well. It...It made... sense.

She knew what Joker's motives must be behind taking up this new playmate. He had finally found someone who could keep up. So instead she turned her thoughts to the Batman. A dark enigma who didn't make sense nor had any idea what he was getting into, he had his thoughts and ideals. He believed in the connection of people and the value of a life no matter how small. She thought about the first story she heard about him and wondered if Joker had heard of him then too. She couldn't be sure. Just after Joker appeared Batman had disappeared.

No one had ever thought that he'd come back and now that he was who else could he go after? Who else could take on the Batman? And who else could take on the Joker? She'd seen many men try to take out the latter but it had never worked. As for the former, she hadn't seen much of him in action but rumors spread fast and she had a feeling not all of them were lies. It should have been expected that they'd inevitable find each other.

Letting her eyes drift back to the fight before her, she reveled in simply watching. Something about the fight felt... perfect and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand to attention. She watched as blood began to seep into Joker's clothes and suddenly Bat was on him ready to finally strike again and finish it-

...only he didn't.

She watched as the two men stopped and felt unease settle in. Batman had stopped and was simply looking down at Joker while the madman laughed.

“Ohh you. You just can't... do it can you?”

“Shut up Joker.”

Something... clicked. Harley's gasp was probably unheard given their distance but she flinched a little all the same. She should have seen it. It was so obvious and so natural that after a moment she felt slightly sick. These two were... were...-

“Hey,” Ivy placed a hand on hers and taking her knife she flung it to the side. “What's the matter?”

Looking back at them and the way Joker had gotten up again only to poke his... his comrade?... she blinked. Was the Bats smiling? She tilted her head to the side and realized no, it was just a trick of the light.

This was the first sight she had of them simply... being. Considering who the other was she felt strangely confused about the sight they made. They were both creatures of the dark but their values differed (that much she could see); they were both intent on keeping Gotham for themselves but they were both Captain of the ship and somehow it worked; they were such opposites that their pairing up made little sense given the fight she had just witnessed and yet... She watched as Joker leaned up into the taller man and looked directly at him, laughing as they talked under their breath...

It was Batman and Joker.

It was... natural.

It was dysfunctionally functional.

And she hated it.

She looked back at Ivy and shaking her head with a slight curve to her lips, she replied, “it's nothing I can't handle.”

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