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Title: Unnoticed
Author: [Bad username or site: @]/[Bad username or site: @]
Fandom: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Pairing(s): Leo/Simmons, Sam/Mikaela, Sam/Bee, and Sam/Bee/Mikaela
Part: 5/5
Genre(s): Slash, Romance, Gen, humor, fluff
Rating: R for more almost sexy-tiems
Word Count: 928 (yes it's that short, don't kill me)
Summary: Leo thought he'd been kidding about the partners thing. Apparently he wasn't.
Disclaimer: Full disclaimer here.
Note: WHOOT!! This fic is finished~! Now don't be disheartened by the ending and lack of sexy-tiems in the series, I will be writing more in this verse and yes, those sexy-tiems will be written as well as dare I say it? a sequel. Yeah I'm so continuing this. It's just too epic to leave alone. Besides I've got to finish off the whole agent-isc life these two will be leading as well as the problems that will arise with friends dealing with the two going at it like bunnies being together and all. Not only that but *gasp* there may be more goodies! So no, you haven't seen the last of me! Mwhahahaha! Plus I've got drabbles and ficlets of this verse hanging around somewhere~ :DD

Part Five: Happiness the world can see

Leo knew size mattered, but seriously? Seriously? A king sized bed? He wasn't even big enough to fill his side of the bed. Though to be honest, he didn't want to. In fact, one of the perks of the bed was sleeping next to the warmth that was Simmons. He liked the arms that gathered themselves around him, and the head that stayed near his. It was familiar and comforting amid the chaos that his life had become. He could remember the safety of sleeping next to the agent in Egypt and that feeling transcended into this: Leo's head tucked perfectly under Simmons' chin, a beating heart underneath his ear and a arm to latch on to.

So when he awoke on his side, facing his lover he was glad to feel an arm pressed snugly around his waist while a hand pushed a curly lock away. He had to smile when Simmons pushed him up and directed him to the bathroom (morning breath was awful after all). When he came back he fully intended to change and get ready to begin the day but the older man had other plans (as usual).

With a gentle shove he made Leo lay back down and picked up where they left off. Hands moved up to grip the sides of his face as they pulled him closer. The touch of flesh against flesh sent a range of shivers down his back. It had been a month since their first (well second really but Leo decided the one Simmons gave him when he was drunk didn't really count) kiss and it still felt just as wonderful as that first time.

He had been kissed and kissed girls (a couple of times) before and they were nothing... nothing to how he felt when Simmons kissed him. He had heard girls talk about sparks and fireworks and all that stuff but he had never really understood. Even now as he felt his heartbeat rise, as he felt his stomach flutter, as he felt hands roam over him, bringing goosebumps to his entire body he didn't understand it. There weren't really any sparks or fireworks it was just... wonderful. Yeah just wonderful.

He moaned as a tongue plunged in and flicked over his, reminding Leo of those eyes he'd watched working so long ago, moving rapidly from left to right as they read. The only difference was that the movements inside his mouth were slow and soft, taking time to explore and linger, filling his mouth with the taste of mint.

Gasping for air as Simmons moved away, he dimly became aware of a hand making its way downwards. The languid trailing of fingertips moved under his night shirt, over exposed skin before pushing their way into his boxers. Arching into the touch he choked on a moan and a whimper as hot breath mouthed over his neck and latched onto his throat. Fingers wrapped into a loose fist making slow movements over him as tongue and teeth marked him above.

“Fuck... S...Simmons,” he stuttered. “We- we've got to go to work- oh... yeah like that Ay Dios mio...1 no... Come on we-”

“We've...” Breath. “” Lick. “...time....” was the only reply, accompanied by a swipe of a thumb.

“Ah...” He writhed under the assault of pleasure. “Simmons...” He moaned. “...I...”

“Hey Leo- whoa! Oh God ew! Dude, there are other people here!”

Leo's eyes widened in shock as he heard Sam's voice enter, destroying the scene completely. Simmons let out a groan and let his head fall onto his lover's chest.

“The kid's a voyeur...” He muttered.

“I don't know where you guys got the idea that jumping each other in headquarters was a good idea but it sure wasn't from us!” Maggie pinched her nose in exasperation. “Have some decency! Honestly Simmons you should be able to control yourself! At least refrain from such activities during business hours?!”

“That'd be kind of hard for them, “ Mikaela muttered browsing through the interview file between her and Maggie, “you know considering this is their home...sort of.”

“Doesn't matter. There are certain things in this world a friend should never have to see,” Sam shuddered. “And that moment was one of them.”

Leo blushed at the glare and momentarily forgetting himself ducked behind Simmons for support.

“Hey, as far as I'm concerned working hours start after nine,” the older agent glared. “It's barely eight-thirty!”

“Well some of us,” Maggie began pointedly, “skipped on work yesterday and decided that we should start work earlier today in order to catch up! We've got plenty of things to do after all and our new recruits are coming in tomorrow morning. Tell me, what work have we got to show for the past month?”

Simmons stared at her and suddenly grinned, “this is why I hired you.”

The agent moved away and headed over to the computers, pulling up files, “Okay, kid you better get those robots up here if you plan on finishing the interviews before today. Once we've got them we can assign the newbies to filing the reports tomorrow, then we'll take 'em out to Diego Gracia to meet our co-organization.”

Leo reveled in the new work headed his way and was just about to bound up to his own computer when Sam's voice stopped him.

“Hey do your friends know about Simmons yet?”

Leo froze and turned around, “Shit.”

1 Spanish for "Oh My God"

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"We've got time" (with the appropriate pauses and breaks in between = of the good. As a first glance comment, not having read this entirely yet.


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