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Title: Let's Make This Night Last Forever (and Ever)
Author: [Bad username or site: @]/[Bad username or site: @]
Fandom: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Pairing: Leo/Simmons
Prompt: First Valentine's day
Genre(s): Crack, Romance, fluff, Smut~
Rating: R
Word Count: 2496
Summary: What do you get your cranky alien obsessed older boyfriend for your first Valentine's Day and first date?
Disclaimer: Full disclaimer here.
Note: For [ profile] ladynyks (persistent enabler that she is) who not only gave the prompt but prompted a great deal many other fics to probably come in the future. Also this fits well into Unnoticed. Takes place not long after that fic and before its inevitable sequel “The Little Things”. Not necessary to read all that to read this and can stand alone. Title comes from First Date - Blink 182. And yes, it's still Valentine's Day by my watch >.>;; Also I'll crosspost this and last post tomorrow. *needs to sleep nao*

“He gave you an alien head for Valentine's day?”

“No,” Leo scowled at his ex-roommate. “He gave me a radioactive alien head. There is a distinct difference between the two, Sam.”

“Of course,” Maggie replied “one's potentially dangerous if you think about the long-term effects.”

“I think it's sweet,” Mikaela shrugged. “The head's been his for about... two, three years? Besides the fact that it could give an extra arm or leg, you know it's kinda cute.”

The three of them looked between each other before bursting into laughter.

“Ha ha,” Leo rolled his eyes. “Very funny.”

Leo looked around for where to set the head in the midst of room. Around him were the three friends who had recently become his only contacts with the human world. Although Maggie was one of them she still got to go out more, especially since she was their direct contact with the U.S government. As he set the head on one of the table in front of the computers he turned back to appraise his laughing friends with another scowl.

“Okay, all kidding aside, what are you going to give Simmons?” Maggie asked resisting her chuckles quite valiantly considering the not-pout the other had on his face. “You do plan on doing something for your first,” here Mikaela and Maggie pinched his cheeks, “Valentine's Day right?”

“Of course I am!” Leo pouted indignantly, rubbing his cheeks, “I'm making him dinner.”

A beat. Then:

“Awwwww!” Mikaela cooed. “That is so cute. You could learn a thing or two from him Sam.”

“Wait, hold on a second.” Sam's brow furrowed in thought. “Have you guys ever actually... gone out before?”

Leo opened his mouth before closing it. He frowned and shook his head, “No, not really. Why?”

The three looked amongst each other with identical grins.

“What?” Leo blinked, barely resisting a flail. “What? What's wrong?”

“Well it's just...” Mikaela grinned, “it's technically your first date.”

“Oh that's it?” Leo waved a hand. “I thought it'd be worse than- Oh shit.” He froze, breath coming in shallow gasps as the news hit him. “Coño1 you're right. Oh.... God...” With a weary whimper he sank into a chair by the computers closely followed by his friends.

Sam attempted not to laugh at the panic stricken face of the agent. Mikaela and Maggie on the other hand were openly smiling but their eyes held some sympathy. Taking seats on either side of him they slipped their arms in his.

“Look it's not that bad.” Mikaela began, “you just have to keep in mind you two are already... well a couple and sleeping together” She trailed off uncertainly looking over at the Australian girl for help.

“What she's trying to say is that you don't have to worry about silly things like, 'what do I wear?' 'what if I'm going too fast?' or 'does he like me?' because you two are already fairly comfortable in your relationship right?”

For a moment Leo said nothing and looking over his head the two girls smiled at each other helplessly. A sound from Leo made them turn back to him, hoping their words had gotten to him.

“But...” Leo looked up flailing. “What am I going to wear?!”

The two girls sighed in exasperation as Sam silently laughed to the side. Together the three watched as Leo ran to the bedroom and began pulling out clothes left and right to put them up against his neck and pose in the mirror.

Simmons walked about the apartment inspecting the windows. He turned and made his way to the doorway and stared up at their height. Hmmm it was decent enough, at least they'd be able to get through. Turning around he headed in the direction of the master bedroom. He whistled under his breath and nodded.

Now this is a room. He thought with a grin.

Heading over to the bathroom his eyebrows raised at the jacuzzi. Well... that would certainly be useful if he decided to use it for those kind of activities. He turned back to the woman in the room and nodded at her, “it's perfect.”

She smiled at him and nodded.

Leo flailed as he turned about the kitchen in headquarters. He had called up his mom for the recipe and she had asked questions. Honestly now was not the time for his mother to be meddling with his affairs... At least not yet. He rubbed a hand over his face. It had only been recently that Sharsky and Fassbinder had found out about Simmons and him, the last thing he needed was his mother's reaction. Especially given that he had already brought im to the house already. What would she say if she found out he was dating his boss?

Damn, he hadn't thought about that... He really was dating his boss. Closing his eyes in frustration he turned off the stove and headed to the bathroom. He needed to shower and then change and set up- he turned around sharply and headed to the table in the middle of the room. No, he should set up right now. He grabbed the tablecloth out of the bag and ripped open the package, extending it out into the air, and placing it neatly on the table. He smiled, his mother would probably be proud of him for being such a romantic sap.

Turning around he grabbed the candles and their holders and placed them in the center. Then he shook his head. Nah, no candles. He'd just turn the lights low. He grabbed a set of plates that Maggie had lent him. They were so... delicate. Groaning he placed them there ignoring the rosy designs at its edges. Placing the cutlery and the glasses he stepped back to admire his work. Well at least it wasn't too overly romantic.

Spinning on his heel he headed to the shower. He hoped Maggie, Sam and Mikaela were doing a good job of keeping Simmons away.

“Will someone please tell me why I'm in Central Park instead of going home to the kid?” Simmons asked exasperatedly.

“We're here because I want to know why you were with another girl!” Maggie hissed. “How could you?! Leo's crazy about you and you're off with some random woman talking and waving, and doing God knows what else up in that building!”

“You're a sick man,” Mikaela muttered.

“Seriously, even if Leo's a little over the top,” Sam shook his head, “he doesn't deserve this.”

“Now hold on a second, what makes you think I was cheating on him?!” Simmons growled. “I would never-!”

“Explain the chick that you were with then,” Mikaela demanded.

“Five minutes Simmons,” Maggie added pushing him down into a park bench and raised a heel between his legs (Simmons raised a brow at that, those pointy things were far too close for comfort). “Talk.”

Simmons sighed and nodded, “Look I'm sorry guys but...”

Leo rushed back into the room and pulled on his clothes. He looked himself in the mirror and muttered a curse. He wore dark jeans (they were his sexy pants as called by Simmons because aparently his ass looked good in something) and green dress shirt. Pulling on some shoes he wondered if perhaps he should wear dressing shoes. He cocked his head to the side, thinking, then shook his head. Nah.

Rushing back outside he grabbed the bag of garbage and evidence and dumped it in the briefing room. If anything he'd be able to take it out tomorrow morning... or maybe Maggie would do him the favor before Simmons woke up. He headed back into the bedroom and checked the drawers. Okay they had enough.... he hoped. Sometimes Simmons did get in one of those moods and um-

He blushed and turned back around heading to the kitchen. He checked the chicken and pondered the rice before turning around to grab his cellphone. He waited as it rang five times before Simmons picked up.

“Hey kid,”

“Hey, you coming or not?”

Angry voices were heard in the background, “Tell him you idiot!”

“Hey shut up, I'm talking here!”

Leo blinked in confusion, “uh... Simmons everything all right?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I'll be there in a couple of minutes.”

Leo stared at the phone as it went dead.

Simmons ran a hand through his hair and stared at the door leading into the room where his boyrfriend was sure to be. He should probably tell him before things got out of hand. Maggie did threaten to crush his balls and with heels like hers, yeah he didn't doubt she'd do it. He rested his head on the door and heaving a sigh he steeled himself to enter the room.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Oh God he's here. He's here. Leo thought frantically. What if he doesn't like the food? What if he doens't like how I look? What if my breath stinks too much after dinner? I- shit!

Leo stood forzen to the spot as Simmons walked in. The two stared at each other before Simmons moved forward and stepped into arms length.

“I... I made dinner?” Leo offered weakly.

“I can see that.” Simmons smiled as he leaned into him. “Smells good from here.”

Leo smiled back, feeling his nerves back down only slightly. He felt something in his stomach twist. Yeah he wouldn't be able to eat if he smiled like that at him.

Leo groaned as their back hits the wall. He scrambled for purchase on the shirt before pulling it up. Feeling a warm hand trailing up his chest he moaned as they picked off the buttons one by one. He whimpered as the other made its way downwards into his pants.

“Wearing these were a good idea...” Simmons purred into his ear. “Verrrrryyy nice.” Leo squeaked as that hand moved around to cup a cheek. “ fuckable.”

Leo whimpered at the word and reached around to turn the knob. Gosh they need to get in there right now. He murmured a low yes when the door gave way and he turned into the room only to be slammed into the wall on the other side. Lifting his hips in invitation, he groaned as lips sought his and fire spread through him. Both sets of hands reached down and lifted his hips up. He let his legs curl around the other man's hips and groaned as he was manhandled onto the bed.

Letting out a sigh he turned his neck as his lover's mouth moved downwards, latching onto the skin there. That was definitely way too high up, everyone would see it tomorrow...

“That's the idea kid.” Simmons moved away and pushed off his jeans.

Leo's mouth fell open. Had he said that-

“You don't hear yourself fo you?” Simmons stopped and leaned back down, reaching out to extend his arms out, hands moving to curl with his fingrs. “I do... you're always saying what you're thinking... I'm the one who hears all your moaning, and...” Simmons leaned into an ear and Leo jumped as a tongue met him. “...your screams.”

Moaning wantonly he jerked up into the warm body above him, “Simmons... come... come on... please...”

Leo didn't care what he was saying anymore. He waited as his own clothes were torn from his skin and felt skin upon skin. Fingers skated across his thighs and he lifted his hips eagerly. Cold fingertips reached him and he gasped, squirming to adjust, panting loudly, as he made a high keening sound in the back of his throat, “please, please, please.”

Simmons was taking his time though as he pressed the fingers in and out, adding a third to the two that had been there just moments before. Twisting he gasped, “enough. Now.”

The older man chuckled, “since when did you get so demanding?”

Leo groaned as his hips were lifted higher and a warmth thickness replaced the thin fingers. Arching up into the touch he whimpered as his vision skewed and darkned. He couldn't stop gasping as Simmons moved over the spot regularly, increasing in tempo. A hand curled around him and he gasped, shuddering. He couldn't last much longer anymore. Reaching up to curl one hand around the back above him, he felt around for the hand by his hip and digs his nails into the wrist there.

He tried to keep his eyes open but it was too much. He felt something in his stomach twist and curl. Gasping he fell back onto the bed, shouting his release. He kept up with the moving man above him until he went still and warm liquid seeped inside him.

Spent the two men laid there, until the older man moved off and laid beside him. Leo closed his eyes wearily. He should probably get up to clean up, otherwise the sheets would stain. Feeling an arm curl around his chest and pull him closer, he sighed and decided he'd do it in the morning.

Simmons groaned at the persistent vibration by the floor. That was his phone. He knew the kid hadn't had anything in his pockets so it was definitely his. Groaning he rolled over in bed and reached blindly for his pants. Hookin on a loop he picked it up and fished his phone out.

“ 'Lo...?”


Simmons flinched and moved the phone away. That chick sure could yell loud.

“Put that phone by your ear right now! Have you talked to Leo yet?” Maggie all but hissed on the other side. “You should have done it last night but nooo I bet you two were too busy going at it again! You insatiable lying-”

Simmons rolled his eyes and pressed a button on the phone. He threw it back down on the floor. Looking around in his pockets he searched for a pair of keys and rolling back into the wamth beside him, he dropped it on his lover's chest.

Leo yelped at the sudden weight and coolness of the metal touching his chest. Blinking he stared down at it in confusion, “Whas'at?”

“Keys to our new apartment.” Simmons muttered with a yawn curling into his boyfriend's side. “Went to see a realtor yesterday and found a nice one a couple blocks from here.”


A beat then-

“Wait, WHAT?!”

Simmons blinked up at his boyfriend and smiled, yeah he'd love waking up to those curls every morning. He snuggled into the bed further. He was taking this bed with them too.

1 Means "damn" or "fuck" in this context at least

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