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Title: Perdición*
Author: [Bad username or site: @]/[Bad username or site: @]
Fandom: The Dark Knight/Nolanverse
Pairing: Batman/Joker, mentions of Bruce/Gordon
Part: 5/13?
Genre(s): AU, Crack, Smut
Prompt: "I won't kill you because you're just too much fun."--the Joker to Batman in TDK
Word Count: 1610
Summary: Captain Joker isn’t pleased with his captive.
Disclaimer: Full disclaimer here.
Note: Now this is my first full blown AU fic and the premises of the world goes back to my other fic Magnolia. It is not necessary to read that in order to understand this but comments would be appreciated :D Anyways the basis of this AU is that Joker is a pirate and Bruce obviously is not- he’s an officer. In the little history I gave for them in Magnolia, Joker was captive and Bruce was the captor now it seems the tables have turned...
Also for those who are wondering what type of a ship Joker commands I suggest you look up Frigates. It’s very. Very interesting to see the pictures. *g*
will edit this properly after school~ >.>;;

King Jim Gordon was a man of some forty years who had ruled for over ten years now. He had been a fair ruler all these years and for as long as he remembered the young lord Bruce Wayne had looked up to him as a father of sorts. He’d come to him for advice or just to talk. However as with most good things, that all came to pass.

One night the young lord came to him in full capacities of his senses and announced Harvey Dent was to marry Rachel Dawes. The sane woman Bruce loved and wanted to marry. King Gordon didn't know what to do with the poor depressed lord. So he comforted him, offered him wine and a warm bed with anyone of his choosing.

He hadn’t expected the poor boy to choose him.

Joker knew as a pirate and the captain of his lovely ship he would have to show his darker side sooner or later. He had been spending too much time with Bruce and now he needed to go up on deck and do other things besides fucking. Although he didn’t really need to show off his power- he was naturally terrifying to his crew. Especially when they learned that he had made Two-Face watch the two of them go at it. He grinned at the memory and played a few moments in his head, recalling the delirious screams Bruce had ripped from him. Yesss, definitely sexy and just a tad on the feral side.

But enough of that. He had work to do. Before him was an official navy ship that was currently unsuspecting of the plans he had for the ship and its crew. They wouldn’t even see them until they were about to strike. Then it would be too late to do anything about it.

He would enjoy the looks on their faces as they saw him for the first time and quickly fell at his knife. As he took out his spyglass from his coat he hummed a little to himself. He liked this job. He really liked it.

Harvey flipped a coin in silence, watching as Bruce slept. Apparently that was all the guy did around here. Sleep, eat, and fuck the Joker. He wasn't sure if he should feel bad for the guy or envy him. Bruce tended to get more food than him, he got entertainment in the form of cards and he got a good lay (by all means he wasn't at all interested in Joker but that didn't change the face that Bruce had sex at least once a day or night depending on when the captain dignified himself to come down). So for a prisoner on a ship that was currently in possession of a madman, he was pretty well off.

It more than he could say for himself. He wondered if perhaps Joker would kill the man. What other use did the lord have except sex? And sex after all got old fast no matter how good of a lover Bruce could be.

He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. He needed something to get his mind over such thoughts, he really didn’t want to think about those two again. Shuddering at the memory he welcomed the sudden explosions that began above him. Maybe the ship they were assaulting would win? He shook his head with a small chuckle. He knew the chances for that: slim to none.

Bruce awoke to the sounds of bombshells. So Joker was at it again. Groaning he sat up and listened intently. Shouts and the distinct laughter of the pirate could be heard overhead. If he was laughing that usually meant he was enjoying himself. And when he was enjoying himself he was either messing with one person or many.

Hands clenching into fists he hoped the sailors on the other ship at least had the sense of mind to jump ship. No ship stood a chance against Gotham. Bruce had ensured that the ship was practically indestructible. It wasn’t just standing up to Joker that made it impossible, it was the fact that he had Gotham in his hands.

And that alone made him a real threat to anyone on these seas.

Bruce closed his eyes in anger. He had brought this upon the innocent. He knew that Joker and his crewmates had helped build the ship but a great portion of it was constructed away from their eyes. Most of it was constructed with his hands and the help of his two men Lucius and Alfred. Old men but men nonetheless that knew how to build a ship.

Together they had hoped to build a ship that would reign over the seas peacefully. But that wasn’t so. Joker had gotten his hands in before they could do anything about it. And Bruce was just sitting here waiting here while the battle raged on above him.

He had never felt so useless in his life.

Joker watched, amused as the flames licked up the ship, gunpowder exploding and raining great flames over the side. Gotham was already well away from the wreckage and as far as he was concerned it was mostly a useless veer off course. The ship hadn’t had many occupants and they had all decided to jump ship and row as fast as they could before he set his eyes on them.

He felt so… bored. Maybe he should let Harvey out to play with. He could make a big huge feast and after he’d eaten, he’d trick him into believing it was poisoned! The look on his face- well okay only half of it haha- would be amusing.

He frowned. Nah maybe not that. He needed to think of something else. Like for example the little matter of Bruce and the king. He growled as he made his way back to his quarters. He knew the man would be in cahoots with him but to sleep with him? A man old enough to be his father (why couldn’t he be normal and have mommy issues like the rest of them)?

He lit the oil lamp above his desk and stalked around to his bed. He closed his eyes and felt the uneven swaying of the ocean waves, losing himself in his thoughts. As far as he was concerned he didn’t have to do anything to Bruce at the moment- no his revenge would have to be held for Gordon.

Oh he knew it wasn’t his fault that he fell to Bruce’s body but that didn’t mean he’d just let it go. Oh no, no, no, no, no. No, he would have to teach King Gordon a little lesson and explain to him that Brucey was off limits and would be for a long, long time. He’d enjoy carving that bit of information into the man’s skull.

Maybe he could do something similar to what he did to Harvey! Heehaha! Only this time he’d make sure that Gordon watched. He could cut off his eyelids just to make sure that he watched. Or he could let him listen- listening was just as bad. Harvey hadn't been listening, he'd been using profanity (what a bad, bad boy) to drown them out. Gordon wouldn't be able to do that.

Bruce heard the screams die out slowly and felt a deep sense of anger and disgust. He was... with this man. This man had killed so many people, manipulating them, using them to his own pleasure. He... he had to stop this man. If no one stood up to him and chaos, who was to say other people wouldn't get the same idea to try and copy him just to cope with the atrocities? The sense of what was good and what was bad would be lost. People already were becoming more concerned with simply living rather than taking a chance with morals.

Everyone he'd come upon since he'd come on this ship had a sense of anarchy built into them through the Joker. At this rate, people really would think him ruler of the greatest ship on the seas.

No, he decided evenly. I won't let that happen.

He got up and digging into his pile of messy clothing, he retracted a key.

“What do you think you're going to do with that?” Harvey asked from the floor upon which he sat.

“You'll see,” Bruce muttered.

Joker growled angrily as he took a look at the maps. By the looks of things, the damn crown had finally gotten smarter. They were changing their trading routes. Instead of going through the maritime routes, they were choosing the land ones. Well this meant he'd have to find fun elsewhere.

Perhaps the colonies would be fun. He had heard the crown'd been having problems there. Maybe he could cause more and push those westerners in just the right direction. He giggled to himself and with this new idea playing out in his head he turned to leave his room.

He made his way down the ship and down the wooden stairs. He kept his hands over the ship's walls, eagerness sweeping through him in knowing the ship was his. Gotham was his and all the people in it were his to play with as he liked. Now though he wanted to play with Brucey and mess with Harvey a while.

He came to the cells and for a moment shock covered his features. What the-?

He rounded on Harvey, hissing “Where is he?

Harvey yawned and flipping his coin he shrugged and replied, “he escaped.”


* literally translated from Spanish to English is "undoing, ruin of someone"

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