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Title: Perdición*
Author: [Bad username or site: @]/[Bad username or site: @]
Fandom: The Dark Knight/Nolanverse
Pairing: Batman/Joker, mentions of Bruce/Gordon
Part: 5/13?
Genre(s): AU, Crack, Smut
Prompt: "I won't kill you because you're just too much fun."--the Joker to Batman in TDK
Word Count: 1030
Summary: Captain Joker isn’t pleased with his captive.
Disclaimer: Full disclaimer here.
Note: Now this is my first full blown AU fic and the premises of the world goes back to my other fic Magnolia. It is not necessary to read that in order to understand this but comments would be appreciated :D Anyways the basis of this AU is that Joker is a pirate and Bruce obviously is not- he’s an officer. In the little history I gave for them in Magnolia, Joker was captive and Bruce was the captor now it seems the tables have turned...
Also for those who are wondering what type of a ship Joker commands I suggest you look up Frigates. It’s very. Very interesting to see the pictures. *g*
will edit this properly after school~ >.>;;

“What do you mean 'he escaped'?” Joker hissed angrily. “No one can escape here, we're at sea.”

Harvey shrugged again, “I'm only telling you what I saw. Really what does it say that you can't keep a leash on your own sex toy?”

Joker snarled and headed back up the stairs. He didn't have any need to hurry. He didn't even need to tell the crew members. That was all unnecessary. He'd capture the damn sailor himself. He knew what he smelled like and in this ship full of nothing but blood, gunpowder and the occasional fish, there was nothing that smelled quiet like that man (blood, sex, and semen). Oh he'd find him all right- then he'd teach him a lesson about running away.

Joker liked chases yes, but not unless he was the one being chased.

Bruce breathed in slow, heading up the stairs quietly. Harvey hadn't said anything about not raising the alarm but given that he was stuck in the cell, he doubted there was much the man could do.

He slipped behind the barrels of gunpowder, when two henchmen came walking by. He held his breathe and waited for them to pass. He didn't have much energy and he definitely wouldn't be wasting it on them. No, his energy would be kept for the Joker.

The officer walked up the stairs and emerged onto the deck. He headed straight and into the captain's quarters. He knew exactly where everything was. He had built this ship with his own hands and knew every corner in which he could hide. Going directly into the captain's quarters wasn't a place to hide though.

No, he intended to be found by the madman. Only he could find him after all. No one was allowed here unless it was to deliver a quick message. Opening the door he slipped in quietly and looked around. The lamp was still on (move away from the door Bruce, shadows, he moved quickly) and there were maps strewn all over the table. Up on the walls were pamphlets and papers depicting pictures of his reign of chaos over the seas. He even spotted a few of Joker on land with a girl at his side.

He took them all in, feeling more and more anger build up inside him. Six killed...Thirty dead... Fifteen soldiers wounded... Fires... shots... bombshells... so much death.

He turned away and breathed in deep. He couldn't look at this any longer. Joker had better come quickly. They had things to finally put in order and he was all out of patience for this man.

Harvey knew Bruce was reckless. He had been ever since they'd be young. He just hadn't expected him to be this careless. Attempting an escape so far away from port? He wouldn't get far even if he managed to steal a rowboat. His arms weren't as strong as they once were and looked dead despite being fed well enough. The officer just didn't have it in him to row all the way back to land.

He knew Joker would inevitably find him and punish him (hopefully out of earshot and where he couldn't see them). Joker liked to play games but not when the game was on him.

Besides Bruce only had so many places to hide. Gotham may be big but Joker was stubborn and he'd find him even if he had to kill everyone on the ship to hear his steps echoing off the ship's walls.

Maybe Joker should just kill him and get this whole mess over with. It'd be so much less work for him and then Harvey would never ever have a repeat of last night. He flipped his coin and watched as it landed on the clean side. He stared at it and frowned.

Joker sniffed the air and walked around the men all watching him. He knew it was useless to see if Bruce was here. But it was worth a chance. They had all stopped talking as soon as he walked in. They knew not to talk or approach him unless he specifically asked for them. The last time someone tried that, he had found himself tied to a cannon ball and thrown overboard. It had been a fun experience for Joker and the sailors had learned their lesson- he'd killed two birds with one stone.

He tilted his head and regarded the ceiling. Was his mind play tricks on him or-

With a growl he stomped back up the stairs. So that's where Brucey had been hiding. Of course the best place to hide was up there.

As much as Joker wanted to feel anger, he really didn't. He felt a thrill of excitement. It had been so long since he'd been a true hunter. Last time was on land with the blonde that had been so obsessed with him. He smiled as he recalled the memories of fire and blood- ahhh yes, good times...

Oh but he wouldn't kill Brucey. No, no, no- he'd kill Gordon not Bruce. Bruce was still his to play with and he'd be damned if he killed the man. Besides... he had to admit this game of cat and mouse did liven things up a bit. If anything he could say it was fun. He laughed at the thought, yes, this was fun.

The stairs led up to the deck and the evening air was cool to the touch. He shook his head at the shadow in the cabin. No matter how much Brucey tried he'd have been seen. It was the reason why Joker liked that room, everyone could see him stalking around and he always had an audience.

He threw open the doors and stepped in, fully expecting a fight. Except no punch came at him. Frowning he tilted his head as he found Bruce sitting calmly on his bed. The officer looked at anywhere but him. His shoulders were hunched and in this light Joker could see the degradation of the muscles he once had.

He finally looked up at him and eyes carefully level, he whispered, “we need to talk,”


* literally translated from Spanish to English is "undoing, ruin of someone"

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