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Title: Failed Disinterest
Author: [Bad username or site: @]/[Bad username or site: @]
Fandom: Nolanverse
Pairing: Batman/Harvey Dent
Genre(s): Lime, General
Prompt: The love triangle has a dynamic Rachel doesn't know about.
Rating: R
Word Count: 1083
Summary: Bruce tries not to show an interest in him, but it's hard not to.
Disclaimer: Full disclaimer here.
Note: I'll be honest I had no idea where to start this or how to end it, but I decided what the hell might as well start off somewhere and end off somewhere. I'm not sure if it's IC enough though. :\ For the [ profile] slashfest
Will edit later~ Edited~

When Harvey tries to get a reservation at the new restaurant under his care, Bruce is amused. He hears all about the calls he makes and the strings he tries to pull and finally allows him the slot only because he knows he can use this as an opportunity to know more about him. He's been watching him for a long time now, wondering how trust-worthy he is. He knows Rachel wouldn't get so close to someone without being completely sure of their character first so he should be assured. But he isn't.

Not yet at least.

When he finally gets to meet him, in the flesh it's a little... astounding to say the least. He hears all he has to say and for a moment he's lost in the words. It gives him a new sense of hope and thrill to know that someone, someone right here, before him, knows that there is something he wants. Even if he can't thank him he can still do other things to return the favor.

He can do a great many things actually- some that he can say now and other things... well he can certainly do that without saying it aloud.

“Well... I'm sold Dent...”


Later he follows Dent into the bathroom. Playing it off as a simple pressing need. The looks that are sent his way couldn't be any different- Natascha gives him is a knowing grin and Rachel shoots him a sweet hopeful smile. Rachel doesn't know about his other life as a playboy millionaire but Natascha does. It's funny he thinks. He can talk to all the girls he dates about the things he does and doesn't do with so much ease but he can't bring himself to reveal this to his best friend.

He can't tell her what he does in the men's bathrooms when he takes one of the agency's girls out. He can't tell her what he's suddenly become as Bruce Wayne. He can't let her know. Ever.

Bruce reaches the bathroom and eyes the pacing man inside. He gives no indication he's entered, quietly entering and locking the door behind him. He watches as the blonde runs a hand through his hair. He smirks at the visible tension in those shoulders. He could get rid of that very easily.

“Worried?” He asks, leaning casually against the wall.

Harvey jumps and looks around at him. Bruce watches as a series of expressions flit across his face. Those eyes eye him and the closed door behind him, widening at the sudden realization of the locked door. If anything he can give Harvey credit for the glare he's sending his way. He had a lot of balls.

“Some,” Harvey replied. “You know, that's what regular people kind of do.”

Bruce grins mockingly, “you implying I'm not 'regular people' Dent?”

Harvey scoffs at him, “you're a Wayne. Of course you aren't.”

“True,” Bruce nods.

Which is why Harvey doesn't look surprised when Bruce moves forward and pushes him up against the wall, reaching for his fly. Bruce smirks and gets down on his knees, knowing full well that this is what's expected of him. Especially considering the wrong signals he'd been sending. Still it's not like as if Harvey minds much- the hard length before him gives him away the instant he sees it.

“Just so you know,” Bruce begins conversationally, “this shouldn't leave the bathroom.”

“So long as you don't tell Rachel I could care less what else you do,” Harvey grits out.

Bruce shrugs and opens his mouth.


When they return to the girls, Bruce is impeccable except for the tell-tale marks of dust on his knees and Harvey looks no different from before except for the angry glint in his eyes. Rachel notices and grimaces yet Bruce is almost sure it's for all the wrong reasons. Natascha appraises him for a full minute before she begins talking immediately.

Bruce is once again grateful she understands and knows. All the girls know and it won't be long before every girl coming through Gotham will know before they even meet him.

Not long afterward they get up to leave, the Russian woman suggestively winks at him to give more to their act. Bruce smiles at Rachel and nods at Harvey, kindly reminding him of their future meeting. The carefully hidden scowl is enough of an answer for him to know that Harvey won't be forgetting about that any time soon


When he tells Alfred the fundraiser is for Dent, he means it. He's become more than a little intrigued by his political persona and he's hopeful that with this he'll stay on for years to come. That's why despite his obvious interest he doesn't bother seeing him at the door. Doesn't bother warning Alfred to be nice. And doesn't bother to really convince Rachel otherwise when she thinks he's mocking him. Because that's what he wants everyone to think- it's easier this way.

He showed too much interest in Rachel as Batman so she became a target. Even as Bruce she still got some attention- so if he were to commit the same mistake with Harvey... he shudders to think what would happen to him.

Yet, despite his attempts at disinterest he's wrong.

His plan isn't what goes wrong it's that he forgot. He complete forgot all that Harvey is and had done. So when Gordon texts him to tell him about Harvey he realizes too late he really can't protect Harvey. He can't save him from the horrors that's sure to come. He is absolutely helpless in this respect. He can't even stop it when Harvey realizes who he really is.

“You know that voice of yours is really much too recognizable,” Harvey comments as he looks him up from the pantry. “And that suit of yours? Was custom made, wasn't it... Batman?”

Bruce sighs and looks away. He runs a hand through his hair and shakes his head. He can't believe he actually let himself go like that. He hadn't paid careful attention to Dent's state and he allowed him to find out-

“I won't tell you know,” Harvey mutters. “Who would believe Batman gave me a blowjob anyway?”

Bruce looks at him comically before laughing.

“You better go, Lau won't keep for much longer,” he replies.

“See you around?” Dent asks.

Bruce eyes the man's hopeful look and nods, “probably.”

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