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Title: Unnoticed
Author: [Bad username or site: @]/[Bad username or site: @]
Fandom: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Pairing(s): Leo/Simmons, Sam/Mikaela, Sam/Bee, and Sam/Bee/Mikaela
Part: 4/5
Genre(s): Slash, Romance, Gen, humor, fluff
Rating: R for sexual implications and more alcohol
Word Count: 2316
Summary: Leo thought he'd been kidding about the partners thing. Apparently he wasn't.
Disclaimer: Full disclaimer here.
Note: New chapter yay~! And in less time that the last one took too. But gosh, this part was a little difficult for me. You see the images I kept seeing while typing made me feel a little hot bothered on the inside. x3 Hope you enjoy as much as I did in writing because seriously I would die for a picture of that. And a good song to listen to during this part would be Waves of Both of Us by Charlotte Sometimes. And thanks very much to Nyks for the look-over of the chapter. :)

ALSO! Seeing as how [ profile] ladynyks is the reason for why this sequel got started in the first place (she is an enabler of many things I tells you) it's only fair I pimp out her Simmons community, [ profile] beyond_s7- plus I co-mod. So you'll be sure to see posts from me there. :DDD

Part Four: Thinking of You

It was funny, Leo thought. Very funny. He'd been drunk before and yeah he knew what it was like to have a little buzz in him, but this? This was something entirely new to him. It was almost like as if he were getting drunk for the first time. He felt that same familiar hype and the excitement that ran through his veins. Everyone looked beautiful and sexy. But there was a particular person he found himself tagging next to. He liked to watch him. And that should probably have creeped him out but it didn't. He had watched girls and guys make margaritas before. He knew how to do it himself. Yet it was odd to watch Simmons lick his hand and pour salt on it. It was almost... fascinating? He could watch this all day... no, that was the alcohol talking.

So of course he didn't mind when Sam and Mikaela came over to join them. He didn't even mind when Maggie came over to drag him away to play Galaga. But he wasn't exactly overjoyed to hear a semi-drunk Sam proclaim they play “I have never”. But he agreed to play anyway. So in reality the events that took place that night were more or less his own undoing.

He sat next to Simmons, half draped over his shoulder and mumbled, “I think I am drunk.”

“You are kid,” Simmons chuckled. “I told you that you couldn't hold your liquor.”

“Okay guys?” Sam waved over at them. “Stop whispering so we can start. I'll start off.”

“Why do you go first?” Mikaela asked.

“Because I'm the only one here who has an alien robot for a car who will do anything I say?”

Everyone grumbled their agreement as they eyed Bumblebee out of the corner of their eyes (he was currently watching the twins argue with Wheelie and they had to admit, in their semi-drunken state it seemed pretty epic). They turned sullenly to Sam as he held his glass, apparently in deep thought. The others held similar glasses of alcohol and waited for the boy to start.

“Okay...I have never had a crush on someone of the same sex.” Sam spoke smirking.

Maggie and Mikaela looked at each other then heaving a sigh lifted their glasses. Simmons glared at the boy. Nevertheless he took his sip. Leo closed his eyes and scowling, took a sip. Appraising the eyes of the man watching him, he glared at his glass as if it were the culprit (which in reality it was since the only reason Sam got that piece of information out of him had been when he had gotten drunk last time).

“High school,” he explained vaguely, a little desperate to get those eyes to stop staring at him.

“Oh really?” Simmons raised a brow at him.

“Yes now shut up.”

“My turn.”Maggie thought a bit then smiled. “I have never fallen for a fellow co-worker or classmate.”

She smiled as Sam rolled his eyes and drank up with the other four. Everyone turned to look at the agent who shrugged:

“It's obvious.”

“Clearly,” Maggie smirked.

“Okay try this one,” Simmons leered at her. “I have never watched porn.”

“No!” Sam gaped. “You are shitting me!”

“I am not,” Simmons replied smugly. “I think it's crude and extremely unbelievable.”

Muttering to himself Sam drank, careful to avoid Mikaela's gaze. Leo drank but kept his eyes on Maggie who blushed as she took her quick sip.

“Mild curiosity.” she explained hastily.

Eyes widening at his new discovery Leo hoped he wouldn't get drunk enough to forget this bit of information (though he probably already was). As their drinking game progressed Leo found himself learning more and more about his friends and wishing he didn't learn about these things. Like for example Simmons obvious fixation for other men. Or Sam's sex life with Mikaela and his car. Really, there were just some things he didn't want to know. It wasn't long though before the other four turned their eyes on him. He had been hoping they'd forget all about him in their attempts to blackmail each other. Obviously he'd been wrong.

“I have never lusted for James T. Kirk.” Sam declared triumphantly.

Leo flushed, looking down at his glass, refusing to meet anyone's eyes. He should have known better than to go see the new reboot film with Sam of all people.

“Fine I have never had sex in a car,” he snapped watching smugly as the look of glee slipped off of Sam's face.

“That was low kid,” Simmons murmured sagely. “He's going to get you for that.”

“Shut up and go.”

Simmons sent him a cool look but otherwise remained unperturbed by the young man's growing flustered state. The alcohol was obviously having its effects on him. And Simmons had to admit, the kid looked pretty damn good all flushed like that.

“I have never had sex with a person younger than me.” Here he leered at Leo. “Not yet at least...”

“Oh gosh, ew.” Sam closed his eyes in disgust. “Yuck. Do not need to see you flirting Simmons.”

“I've never dropped a cell phone.” Leo looked away blushing, yet managing an accusing glare at Sam.

The boy drank, rolling his eyes.

“I've never gotten drunk around other people.”

Two drank to Maggie.

“I've never fantasized about aliens.”

Two drank to Sam.

“I have never kissed a guy.”


Then just as Leo was about to smirk Simmons grinned and gripped the boy's chin between his fingers. Leo's eyes widened in surprise as he felt lips descend upon his. There was nothing special about the kiss, it was chaste at best but it was enough pressure and dominance to yank a squeak from Leo's lips and a whimper once it ended. Breath played over his mouth as Simmons pulled away.

“Drink,” he whispered.

Leo hastily obeyed and watched as the room swirled before him. Oh gosh... he was going to be sick.

It was Simmons' voice that awoke him (“Hey kid, coffee's ready.”). Consciousness didn't come back in full force but slowly awareness sunk in. It was like repeatedly wiping a foggy mirror after a hot shower. The more he noticed the less the understood.


Was the first coherent thought that swam into view. Well obviously he had to be, otherwise where else would he have slept?


Ow. Bright light would be a no for a while.


Judging by the hammering on his head and the way his whole body ached from simple awareness, yup he had gotten wasted last night.

What did happen last night?

The last he recalled was making margaritas with Simmons. After that everything else became a bit of a blur. Huh... And had there been more drinks? Yes.... A vague image of himself leaning on Simmons for support then laughter and smirks, a kiss, then vomi-

Holy shit! What?!

Leo snapped his eyes open and groaned, waving a hand in front of him. Stupid lights. He rolled over and sat up with difficulty. Ignoring the silent screams his body sent to his brain he got up and shuffled out of the bedroom. Once outside he found remnants of the insanity that was yesterday.

Glasses were everywhere, even a couple of beers, little pink umbrellas that he recognized from Mikaela's drink. He even spotted the mike and karaoke machine as well. Shuffling into the bathroom first, he ran water over his face and brushed his teeth. The taste of bile safely gone he headed out, spotted Simmons in the briefing room and stumbled in his direction.

“Aspirin and water on the table,” Simmons supplied from behind his newspaper. “Maggie's staying home, recovering so I made coffee. Help yourself.”

Leo blinked, caught off guard by the casual way the agent greeted him. Then he was struck by a thought: Did Simmons not remember?

As he moved to take the tablets on the table he watched Simmons for any sign of nervousness. The agent displayed none. In fact he was acting just as usual without any pain in his movements.

Lucky bastard can hold his liquor, Leo thought cursing his obvious hangover.

He got his cup of coffee and sat down next to Simmons, waiting. He wasn't going to ask about... about that unless he brought it up first. What if it turned out to be a silly dream of his and nothing more? If that was the case then how bad would it look that he was fantasizing about his co-worker? If it wasn't a dream though... then Simmons had a lot of explaining to do.

Then again... if it had been him who had initiated the kiss then he would never want to mention it again. He'd play it off as a part of his drunken state. So if Simmons was trying to do that by ignoring the whole thing altogether well... he could understand it but he still wouldn't be okay with it. He'd practically been violated by that kiss!

Now Leo, it was a good kiss, A voice in his mind whispered teasingly.

That's beside the point! He molested me!

So you're saying he was a good kisser?

What?! I never said that!

Yes, you did.

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did.











Leo groaned and let his head drop to the desk. The stupid older agent was even invading his mind. This was getting out of han-

“Hey kid.” Simmons' voice floated in amid his inner turmoil. “You okay?”

“No!” Leo snapped, turning to him with an accusing finger pointed straight at the older man who stood before him. “No, I'm not okay! I've had one hell of a night because you got me drunk! You've been messing with my head for over two months now! I don't know how but you just do! And! To top it all off I'm not sure if I had a dream where you kissed me or if you really did! So no!” Leo huffed angrily pulling at his hair. “I'm not okay!”

He breathed heavily as silence followed his outburst. He kept his eyes trained on the older man, an expression of defiance falling onto his features. He expected cynicism, hell maybe even confusion, but he got neither. Instead what met him was amusement. A smile that made his stomach churn pleasantly. But it was soon gone and another sentiment replaced it. A certain emotion he knew he'd seen before, yet couldn't quite name. No, he wouldn't name it.

His lips were dry so his tongue peeked out to wet them, hoping this would give him a little time before he thought of what to say next. However, Leo noticed the way the other's eyes watched the movement and he stopped, uncertainty bubbling from his eyes as Simmons moved closer to him.

I've been messing your head...?” A brush of fingertips touched his cheek. “...Two months...? Only two months...?” Simmons leaned forward (so close that Leo could see the wrinkles by his eyes). “You... have no idea do you?... That's nothing...” Simmons rapidly pushed the younger man into the table, knocking the cup of coffee away as he pushed him down (and no Leo did not squeak at the rapid movements). “Nothing... to how long I've been thinking of you... Nothing...” Simmons leaned down and Leo gasped when hot breath collided with the flesh on his neck. “ the chaos you've brought to my mind.” Leo swallowed hard, eyes glazed over as he listened to the voice below. “You think you've had it tough? You haven't been through my hell. Wondering about you and whether you'd be disgusted...” Hands moved over him; leaving with each touch, a burn. “Of course I kissed you... You'd never kissed another guy... I needed to be there first.” Leo whimpered when a wet hot tongue flickered over his Adam's apple. “And today I'm sure I'll be your first, got that?”

Leo's vision swam from the bright lights then the agent's face replaced it. He watched as the face neared his and felt the faint brush of flesh against his lips. The folds of his mouth parted with a single gasp as hands fluttered over his hips. Oh... Dios mio1. It was so hot, so warm, so.... nnughh.

Coherency left him as a tongue traced over his lower lip, reminiscent of how he'd used his own before. He closed his eyes and allowed the other to cover his lips, slowly, almost reverently. He felt a groan of appreciation when his hands moved up to grip at the other's shoulders. Arms circled around his back and pushed him up against a hard chest. A hand snaked up to grip his hair and a leg slipped between his thighs. He was surprised by the moan he let out but was even more shocked to hear a similar sound of pleasure escape from Simmons' lips.

He was hard and if the thing poking his own thigh was any indication, his arousal was far from one-sided. Breath hitching in his throat Leo wrapped his arms fully around Simmons' neck, hands reaching up to curl into his hair. His tongue tentatively surged forth to meet the intruding flesh in his own mouth. They moved over one another slowly, then groaning, Simmons moved forward to suck. Leo let out a strangled whimper and pushed up helplessly into the other.

It wasn't until Leo couldn't breathe (or think, good Lord the man could do wonders with that tongue) did he pull away from the kiss. Taking large gulps of air he looked up into Simmons' eyes.

“Okay,” he whispered.


“Yeah, okay.”

Simmons said nothing. He looked down at Leo and Leo felt the urge to grin. The other agent however beat him to it. Lifting his lips he let Simmons take them. Yeah, definitely okay.

1 Spanish for "my God"

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