Feb. 18th, 2008

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YUP YUP. I have enough to keep me busy for the week and probably finish my homework as well. So the final list is as follows:
[profile] maias_pen requested: Giovanni x Brock drabbles- this spurned off the convo of me being a huge cross shipper and then she contemplated whether I had done some and I quote:

"elusive Brock X Giovanni ship-thing or something, haha. . . ew, not a good image. . . Brock and Gio. . . ew. . .ew.. . just. . . no. .  Don't do that one."

So yes, she will get some Brock x Giovanni drabbles- because she fed the plot bunnies a good weird, crackish plot that will possibly work. XDDD It shall be a series of sorts and be posted first when I get back.

The next person to get things is [profile] sute_hikahika and she asked for SeixSub THANK YOU!!! ^____^:

1_TB time-line; Seishirou and Subaru are eating sweets together, some of them are honey-coated and their fingers get sticky. X3 Weird, but... well, you decide where to go from here. *wink*
2_Horitsuba-verse; as stated in the third cd, Seishirou is the school doctor, so it'd be only logical if Subaru were a student... Please, write something involving them. Stuck. Together. Alone. In school at night, or in a closet, or something like that. XD
3_TB time-line again! *is desperately trying to keep everything angst-free*; This is something I've always wanted to write, but never managed to; so I thought it'd be interesting to see what would you do, instead.
TB time-line, What if; Seishirou has just lost his right eye and is still in the hospital, Subaru is going to visit him right after realizing his own feelings for the man. So farm the story is just as we know it, but what if the Bet wasn't supposed to end that day? My heart melts each time I look at that panel with Seishirou and Subaru crossing the street together, looking at each other-- you know, the one when that blind man tells Subaru he can be his friend's 'eyes' till he gets his seeing-eye dog, etc.

I'll get to work on her stuff after [profile] maias_pen 's stuff and her stuff will be posted after the drabbles. :D

And now the lovely [profile] xxshebeexx requested as well! ^_^ :

Hmm... oneshot... Ash/Gary! Yeah! What about a crack fic... with smut? Would that be okay? :)

XDDD She wants smut with crack. Oh how will I do that? Oh wells. I'll try. ^.^ I'll get to her stuff after [profile] sute_hikahika. :D

This is for [profile] ichigohikari
Um, how about a Drew/Misty, another May/Ash (from Pokemon) and a Rika/Henry one from Digimon Tamers? If you don't know Tamers then a Ken/Kari one would be okay too. :)

Her stuff is after [profile] xxshebeexx. And something else I shall write after everything:

This is for me. Because of this entry. XDDD

"Poor Pikachu, he's been deformed over and over again. *gets an idea for crack fic* .... XDDDD What if Pikachu meets all his deformed look alikes? Oh gosh, this is too funny- I shall write that after... damn. I've a lot to already. >.>''

So yes, that's something else I shall write. :D However, since [profile] yatsu_seme was the first one to comment- I'll write some vampire fiction as a request unless told otherwise. :D

DAMMIT WHY DO I WANT TO WRITE FUUMAxKAMUI and SEIxSUB? CURSE YOU LI-CHAN FOR INFECTING ME WITH X again. XDD Oh hey that reminds me, I have to write a KuroxFai fluff for her. O.o I'll write that soon! I promise! ^.^
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“The Fifth Element”
A series of  50 KuroxFai 100- word drabbles
Author: DayDreamer64/ MadWanderer
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Pairing(s): KuroxFai, hints of DoumekixWatanuki & SyaoxSaku
Genres: Romance/ Angst/ Thriller
Summary: Time is not important. Only life is.

(Batch II: Drabbles XI – XX)

(Batch IV:  Drabbles XXI - XXX)


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