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Title: “What If?”
Author: DayDreamer64/ MadWanderer
Fandom: X/1999 & Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Characters/ Pairing(s): Seishirou, Subaru, Hokuto, Fuuma, Kamui, Setsuka SeixSub, FuumaxKamui in later chapters
Genre: Um... Weird?
Summary: What if there was a way you could go back and relive your entire life in a different place and time? There’d be a price.
Note: So I think I may know where I’m going now.

Chapter Two:
Last Wishes

“Nii-san” Fuuma poked his elder brother, still lying on his bed. “Wake up, okaa-sama wants us downstairs for breakfast.”

“Why?” Seishirou replied, opening all but one honey gold eye.

“She wants us to train some more.” Fuuma sat at the his brother’s other side of the bed, wearing his white training clothes his usual white cloak now absent. “She wants to watch us or something- well she’d rather watch you than me any day.”

“Must we?” Seishirou placed his hands behind his head comfortably. “She knows I’m tired- can’t she be a little considerate?”

“Okaa-sama? You’ve got to be joking.” Fuuma shook his head. “Nii-san you should now better by now. Hurry and get dressed otherwise there won’t be anything for you to eat at all.”

“All right, all right.” If there was one thing Seishirou didn’t like it was skipping breakfast or any meal of the day for that matter. “I’ll be down soon.”

“Good.” Flashing his older brother a smile, the younger brother got up off the bed and headed to the double oak doors, turning the elegant silver handle before disappearing into the hallway.

Seishirou reached out and slipped on his glasses before he picked out his black training clothes, finally tugging on his boots. He poured a bit of water into a small bowl near his mirror and dipping a towel in it, he washed his face a bit- there were still a few stains of dirt from training the night before. He sighed, shaking his head as he contemplated his appearance, though not really seeing it at all.

His thoughts strayed…

‘Another nightmare…’ he thought to himself as he walked out of his room and walked down the carpet covered stairs. ‘But… who was that…?’

Hard emerald eyes stared up at him- so much anger, so much emotion… but not like the ones he knew…

“You broke the promise.”

What promise…?

“You took him far away…”


“But you took his mind… I’m going to put a spell on you… You always kill… But I can’t let you kill him. There’s a spell only I can use… So… kill me…”

A spell…? What spell…?

Then blood, so much blood as the steady rhythm of a heart was pierced, a small cry was uttered. Heavy and wet as it slipped between his fingers, he felt nothing…



“There’s no one who can’t love someone… Sei-chan…”

“Seishirou!” a voice called out. “Come and drink you tea, stop dawdling by the hallway.”

Seishirou blinked, momentarily forgetting his earlier reverie as his mother’s voice interrupted his thoughts. He chuckled slightly, of course he had forgotten his mother could sense his presence just like everyone else’s within the mansion.

“Ohayo, okaa-sama.” Seishirou smiled brightly as he walked into the dining room. “What are we having?”

“The cook had entreated us to these delightfully pastries.” Fuuma answered coolly. “They shall do your sweet tooth justice.”

“Really?” Seishirou asked in mild interested as he at opposite his brother.

“After you’ve finished I expect you both to go and train- I shall watch over to make sure you don’t laze off.” Setsuka announced primly, a childish smile lit her features as she gazed at Seishirou. “I’d love to see my boy in action.”

Seishirou could see Fuuma roll his eyes and did his best not to glare at him- their mother always liked him best and his younger brother never liked it. He nibbled on the pastry experimentally before continuing through it, once having made sure it suited his tastes.

“Later on, I’d like for us to walk around the gardens.” She went on, a dreamy look crossing her face. “The camellia are in bloom.”

Seishirou nodded and continued to eat his breakfast in silence, his brother doing the same as their mother watched, smiling mostly at him. Yet another uneventful day spent training for something that was to come. What he’d like to know- as he and his brother repeatedly asked their mother- was what exactly they were preparing for.

But she’d never tell them, instead, she’d smile and send them to train even more with the simple reply, “You’ll learn soon enough…”


“Okaa-san, why do we tolerate those vampires to live so close to us?” Fuuma inquired, looking up at the small house that sat upon the hill near their mansion. “What if they decided to attack us one day?”

“They wouldn’t.” Setsuka smiled, flipping the page of the book in her hands as she leaned against her son’s shoulders, snuggling up into his warm embrace.

“Why wouldn’t they?” Seishirou asked curiously looking up from the book in his mother’s hands. “They’re vampires that dote on human blood- I don’t think they’d spare a second thought in killing us.”

“They wouldn’t.” Setsuka murmured continuing to look down at her book, eyes never leaving it. “Much too kind-hearted…”

“How would you know that?” Fuuma arched an eyebrow at her. “Have you spoken to them okaa-san?” he sounded vaguely suspicious and Seishirou noticed the glint in those eyes- he wanted an answer. “Those vampires haven’t been living there very long- always moving from village to village- searching for new prey. How can you tell they are kind?”

“I just have to look at them.” She looked up at her son a little harshly- she never gave that gaze to her other son, only to him. “They wouldn’t harm us- does it look like they’d attack us?”

Fuuma and Seishirou looked up at the hill to see the three vampires sitting on a large trunk one of them had just produced, seemingly out of no where. One of them was a girl- she seemed older than the other two and was much louder than them. She wore an elegant red dress, black leggings, a red ribbon in her hair keeping her short locks away from her pale features, black and red bangles shone on her wrists and gold hoop earrings twinkled as light strayed upon them. She was laughing, bright green eyes twinkling with mischief as the black gloved hands covered her mouth, trying to stifle her shrieks of giggles.

The boy next to her wore all black except for the elegant white shirt; a black cloak lay discarded near him. He had violet eyes and pale white skin, but his hair wasn’t as dark as the other two, it was more of a dark brown and his messy locks often strayed into his face. He was also laughing, glove covered hands wrapped around the last vampire.

He had green eyes as well, exact doubles of the older girl. He had short hair, much like the girl’s but he wore no ribbon or earrings that distinguished him to be a girl. He wore a white shirt with ruffles at the collar, loose dark pants, and a coat over him with bright buttons. He currently held his gloved hands over his blushing face, shaking his head in mortification.

“Why have we never visited them?” Seishirou inquired thoughtfully. “I mean you’re so sure they won’t attack us- why not go and properly introduce ourselves to them?”

“Not necessary.” Setsuka replied. “They know all about us- I’m sure.”


“Fuuma would you please read this poem? I’d love to hear Seishirou but it seems he’s busy asking questions at the moment.”

Fuuma smirked at his brother’s shock- it didn’t happen often but when their mother was angry with Seishirou, she’d go to her younger son to make the other jealous. Most times it didn’t work but still Seishirou didn’t appreciated being second in his mother’s eyes. Fuuma always delighted in his brother’s reaction so now, he spoke in a clear voice, reciting the words Seishirou knew by second nature- it was his mother’s favorite after all.


“Mother it’s nearly midnight. Where are you going?” Seishirou looked up from his book to gaze at the shawl drawn about his mother’s small frame. “Do you have a job?”

“No.” she smiled. “Your brother Fuuma went to visit Kotori-chan in the village- he’ll probably be there until tomorrow.”

Seishirou nodded. Although he and Fuuma were brothers, they had not had the same fathers. Seishirou never knew his father, so his mother raised him alone for years. His brother however had come to be when he had insistently asked to have a younger brother from his mother. His mother, wanting to please the child had gone and searched for a suitable man- Fuuma’s father had already had a wife and was quite happy yet he had agreed- Setsuka was very persuasive. And in the end she had had Fuuma, but she had never liked him much, she saw him as the one who took Seishirou’s attention away from her.

But this had never bothered Fuuma. In fact he was always a perfect child- agreeing to everything his mother or his brother told him. Whatever they wanted, he was- when his father had died, long after his wife had as well, he had been asked to be a brother to the young daughter left behind and he had become just that.

Seishirou shook his head with a sigh- his younger brother was always willing to do what others asked- he was a mirror, always reflecting what others wanted but not what he wanted. He vaguely wondered when that mirror would crack and become distorted.

He was suddenly steered out of his thoughts when he noticed his mother taking a ceremonial dagger- she never used one she didn’t need to unless it was a very complex spell- but even so, there was only one spell but she’d never use it. There was no need to.

“If you’re not going on a job, why do you need that?”

“Seishirou.” She turned to him seriously, unsmiling, dark eyes piercing. “I will take you with me.” he raised an eyebrow at her but she didn’t notice. “But you will not be able to interfere.” He stared, attention solely focused on his mother. “You can do what you like afterwards- bring your sword along- but know that being the Sakurazukamori brings consequences along with…”

Her gaze lingered upon him for a second, eyes glazed over. For a few moments she remained silent, brow furrowed in thought. He stared at her- what was she talking about?


“Don’t interrupt.” She replied firmly, coming out of her reverie. “Honor your mother’s wishes and do not interfere.” He stared unblinkingly. “Honor them Seishirou.”

Her countenance was firm, eyes intense with pleading, as she faced her son. He looked up at her, troubled feelings flying about his mind- but he nodded anyway. He trusted his mother fairly enough so he’d do as she asked. Besides now she had peaked his interest and he was curious to know what she was going on about.

“Good.” She smiled, beckoning him. “Come.”

Note: Just a few more chappies till all this begins to make sense with the prelude! :D Comments are appreciated as always!

Also, the song “What If” by Kate Winslet (lyrics) inspired the fic.

( Chapter One )   |   ( Chapter Three )

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