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Title: “What If?”
Author: DayDreamer64/ MadWanderer
Fandom: X/1999 & Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Characters/ Pairing(s): Seishirou, Subaru, Hokuto, Fuuma, Kamui, Setsuka / SeixSub & FuumaxKamui in later chapters.
Genre: Um... Weird?
Summary: What if there was a way you could go back and relive your entire life in a different place and time? There’d be a price.
Note: So I read some X fanfiction and got back in the mood to write this part- it needed some MAJOR editing though -_-’’ So I had to go back and fix lot’s of things. And also, a small but meaningful note- this is the last time you’ll see Kamui awake- for a few good chapters. XD But at least there’s some FuumaxKamui bit! :D I promise there’ll be more! ^.^

Chapter Three:

“Hokuto, why in hell did you have to wake me up?” Kamui groaned, rubbing his sleepy eyes trying to keep them open as he looked at his siser. “It’s your turn to hunt. Not mine.”

“I know, I know!” Hokuto rolled her eyes impatiently, hands on her hips, sternly. “But I wanted to make sure you were up by the time midnight hits so we can celebrate Subaru’s and your birthday properly.”

“At midnight?”


“You’re insane.” Kamui moaned, putting his head in his hands. “I should be sleeping.”

“Yeah buuut…” Hokuto sighed stretching out the word in growing frustration. “If I got Subaru to wait then he’d be angry since I’m going to kill a human.”

“We’re getting human blood?” Kamui perked up considerably, eyes widening hopefully. “By all means take as long as you want then.”

“I knew you’d see it that way.” Hokuto winked clapping her hands together, enthusiastically. “Now get the tub ready so we can drain all her blood before we wake Subaru.”

“Her?” Kamui raised an eyebrow at her. “You’ve already picked the human?”

“Yes.” Hokuto replied distractedly. “Her blood…” she licked her lips, eyes suddenly turning gold in the semi darkness of the small kitchen. “…will please us all…”

Kamui smirked at his sister’s enthusiasm. There were few things that put her into such a good mood- hunting, dressing up her twin brothers, designing new clothes- just to name a few.  Of course she liked hunting but probably not as much as he did. Kamui would never admit it but a small part inside of him enjoyed the feeling of killing- the drum of power that would gather at his fingertips, as his nails extended and pierced the warm flesh.

It was like as if there were two people within him- double personalities- the kind happy Kamui dominated over the blood-crazy angry Kamui most of the time but when alone, hunting in the night, the other Kamui showed its true colors. He vaguely wondered if ever one Kamui would take over and finally be the sole Kamui in him. But for now he was fine controlling both.

Waving his sister goodbye, he walked out to the small shed on the far side of their house and dragged the wooden tub out easily- being a vampire had its benefits. He continued pushing the barrel of wood towards the house. He paused- why did he feel…?- and glanced down the hill. As his sharp eyes roamed over the countryside, he made out the outline of young male, probably from the family who lived in the mansion below them- what was his name…? The young man clad in white, continued walking along a path, evidently headed towards town. However as if sensing eyes on him, amber eyes turned to him, and a smile spread on his face as he closed his eyes, waving.

Violet eyes widened in surprise and a blush arose quickly to stain the features of the pale vampire. The human laughed slightly- Kamui glared, scowling at the human for making him blush and at himself for allowing such a reaction escape him. The human however laughed again and continued to walk as if nothing had happened, upon the path. Turning back to the task at hand he continued to push the tub through the back door and into the kitchen. He sighed, standing back to admire his work, before he turned around to wait by the doorway for his sister.

He didn’t have to wait long and before soon he saw her form dragging along a young woman. Her throat was sliced and blood kept oozing from her injury; Hokuto had blood tainting her lips, eyes glowing gold in the semidarkness as she made her way up the hill, with somewhat ease considering the weight she was dragging with her.

He stared down at the woman, arms crossed in scrutiny. Why did she look so familiar? And then it clicked- she was Setsuka Sakurazuka, the Sakurazukamori- the head of the family living in the mansion below them. He raised an eyebrow at his sister while she merely shrugged at his questioning gaze.

“The Head of the Sakurazukamori clan?” He asked, voicing his question aloud.

“Yeah, what of it?” Hokuto raised her blood- covered chin slightly- as if daring him to say another word. He flinched slightly; he forgot how she got when she was in those moods.

“Nothing, nothing.” He put up his hands defensively before suddenly grinning, eyes flashing to gold. “Let’s hurry up before we wake Subaru.”

Hokuto nodded, her sibling came forward and taking hold of one of the woman’s arm, he dragged the woman into the kitchen, disregarding the wooden door. He extended his nail, preparing to slice her throat when suddenly the woman spoke, voice barely above a whisper, “Why…?”

He looked down at her then up at Hokuto whose eyes darkened considerably.  No emotion shone in her eyes and nothing seemed to be crossing her mind- she was… blank?

Hokuto leaned down to whisper by her ear, “Because it was inevitable…” and in one quick movement she extended her nail, letting it pierce into the flesh once more.

Kamui watched as the life drained away from those eyes- he could see his pale reflection in them. Such… sad eyes. He blinked, as he looked up at his older sister only to see a grimace on her face. He didn’t speak aloud, for it was clear she could hear his thoughts.


“Let’s hurry up with this.” She muttered, ignoring his thoughts completely.

He nodded and just as he turned to close the door he suddenly noticed a shadow standing in the doorway. What the-?

“Hey-!” he began but the word died on his lips as he was thrown backwards into the wall.

The whole world swirled before him as his head hit the stone wall- pain shooting through his body as he fell down to the wooden floor. He moved to get up but was suddenly flung back- a bird of some sort swooping over him; he could feel the talons ripping not at his skin, but at his very spirit. This… was a different attack… what was this?

“Kamui!” Hokuto screamed.

He heard her footsteps sounding on the wooden floor- her aura was nearing the intruders and suddenly a shrill scream and then… silence.

“Hokuto…” he murmured trying to locate his sister’s presence- he couldn’t, here was she?
He reached out for her- she was… He felt the presence of his brother enter and he turned to them, green eyes flashing in his direction.

“Hokuto! Ka… Kamui…?”

“Subaru…” he whispered.

He fought to stay awake- he really did but his body was weakening and his mind was clouding with pain. Darkness filled all around him but he had to stay awake… Just to see the killer’s face… hard honey gold eyes, black hair, glasses- he knew his name- could sense his aura giving it off. Seishirou… the Sakurazukamori…

Note: *yawns* Now I'm tired. This chapter was short ne? But what a cliffhanger! ^.~ Comments are appreciated! :D

Also, the song “What If” by Kate Winslet (lyrics) inspired the fic.

( Chapter Two )   |   ( Chapter Four )
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