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“The Fifth Element”
A series of  50 KuroxFai 100- word drabbles
Author: DayDreamer64/ MadWanderer
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Pairing(s): KuroxFai, hints of DoumekixWatanuki & SyaoxSaku
Genres: Romance/ Angst/ Thriller
Summary: Time is not important. Only life is.

(Batch II: Drabbles XI – XX)

(Batch IV:  Drabbles XXI - XXX)

Gathering the four elements, water, wind, fire, earth around a fifth element...

XXI: “Monster”
“So you see by creating a little destruction, I in fact encourage life. You and I work for the same people.” Fei Wong Reed smirked.

“Your circle of life has one flaw in it.” Doumeki replied.


“You won’t be saved- you’ll die along with the rest of us. It doesn’t matter who we serve- your power will count for absolutely nothing. It will come crashing down You… are a monster.”

“I know.” He smiled. “But I will have those stones.” He snapped his fingers and Kyle was instantly by Doumeki, gripping his shoulder. “I’ll spare your life… for now.”

XXII: “Trust”
It has been gathering up all the communication satellites in the galaxy. No one knows why…

Kyle knows he must get information for Fei Wong Reed, otherwise he will be punished by his master.


The stones weren’t aboard the ship?

The Mondoshawan never fully trusted the human race so they gave it to a Diva, Chi.


Diva? Kyle shakes his head as he continues to watch the image before him.


We’ll keep this a secret- no chaos or big operation. One man to go under cover.

Fuuma grins. He knows just who to choose. He’s been recommended by Yuuko before.

XXIII: “Offer”
Kurogane stares at the letter and wonders what the hell to do know- he’s been fired. And amazingly enough, Tomoyo is thrilled by this.

Someone is buzzing his door. Ah… Fuuma.

He opens the door.

“So I heard you’ve lost your job.” Fuuma greets him.

“You heard?”

“I’ve come to offer you a job.” Fuuma grinned. “You’ve been chosen to save the world.”

Kurogane scoffed, “Yeah. Sure.”

“You’ve been recommended by Yuuko-san.”


“You’re a highly qualified ninja- one the last remaining ones by the way.”

“What an honor.”

“Check your messages?” Fuuma smirked.


“You should. Could be important.”

XXIV: “Hugs”
Fuuma walked over to the mailing tube and slipped out the letter there, “Congratulations, you’ve won a trip to Fhloston Paradise.”

Kurogane arched an eyebrow, “Rigged the contest?”

“Nii-san did.” Fuuma smiled.

The bell rings again. Kurogane looks and stares. It’s Fai.

“Cute boyfriend.”


“Oh hell.” Kurogane opens the door, a huge party assembled there. “My apartment is not this big.”

“Sorry Kurogane.” Tomoyo smiled. “But dear Yuuko-san wants to make sure you go on that trip. Plus she says-”

“Kuro-pon!” Fai launches himself against him, grinning.

“Why aren’t you like that?” Doumeki mutters.

“ME HUG YOU!?” Watanuki roared.

XXV: “Alarms”
“Hello Kurogane-san.” Sakura and Syaoran greet.

“Okay explain to me what’s going on.” Kurogane is trying to pry off the blonde man attached to his arm.

“You’re going to save the world.” Tomoyo giggles. “And they’re all coming with you.”

“Great…” Kurogane mutters.

Kurogane watches as Tomoyo and Fuuma leave- Fuuma has to tend to his boyfriend, Kamui. He rolls his eyes as he looks at Fai, snuggling into his arm. Suddenly the apartment warning alarms ring.

Kurogane swears.

“What’s-?” Watanuki begins but soon Doumeki cuts him off, dragging him away into a near closet.

The brunettes disappear as well.

XXVI: “Interference”
“Come here.” Kurogane yanks Fai into the shower. “Stay there.” He lets the shower move up into the ceiling. “Don’t touch anything.”

He places his hand on the yellow circles and waits.

“Are you classified as human?” A voice asks.


The voice ceases and soon he hears someone else being taken away. Why?


Kyle will take Kurogane’s place on the flight. Fei Wong Reed wants the stones and will not be displeased


The Mangalores have decided to interfere as well. If Fei Wong Reed wants the stones, he shall have to negotiate for them. Revenge is sweet.

XXVII: “Autowash”
Oh crap. He forgot about the auto wash. He pulls out a towel and tries to dry a shivering Fai.

“Au…to… wash.” Fai stutters.

“Yeah…” Kurogane nods.

He wraps his arms around his body, trying warm him up and suddenly he hears giggles. Aw crap. He abruptly lets go of Fai who pouts, holding the towel closer to him, muttering in his language- he understands nothing except for, “Kuro-puu…”

Watanuki, Doumeki, Syaoran and Sakura appear.

“Okay. Let’s-” he’s abruptly cut off as they turn away.

He looked over his shoulder and quickly looked away. Fai. is drying his clothes.


XXVIII: “Boyfriend”
Fai watches as the people pass by, Kurogane is holding onto his hand- it feels so nice… He remembers Doumeki’s words- find the stones from the Diva and bring them to the temple. Along with a multi-pass, Fai D Fluorite, mulit-pass. He grins as he tells Kurogane this. He is pleased to see his slight smile.

Watanuki and Doumeki are to go to the temple and Syaoran and Sakura are to follow on another ship. He grins at the woman behind the glass.

“And this is…?”

“Fai D Fluorite multi-pass.” He grins.

“My…” Kurogane mutters.

“I’m sorry?”

“My boyfriend!”

XXIX: “Yuui”
“What do you mean I have to meet- who is this person again?” Kurogane growled trying to pull away and return to Fai. “I just-”

“But Yuui-san cannot be denied anything!” the flight attendant shakes her head. “He would like to interview you on live broadcast!”


The Mangalores failed in their plans to get onto the plane. They shall proceed onto plan B.


“And its Kurogane, our winner- he’s so hot!” Yuui coos. “No wonder he won!” The blonde is jumping about in his furry white coat.

Kurogane stares at him weakly. Why does he look like Fai?

XXX: “Protect”
Yuui looks at Kurogane with a small smile after waving away his fans, “So… you’re to save the world huh?” he grins at him. “Yuuko-san was right in saying you were cute. No wonder Fai likes you.”


“Well, see you later Kurogane!”



“So you can speak my language huh?” Kurogane lies next to him.

“Yup. I learn.”

“Look we’re not on vacation okay- I’m on a mission. There’s some big trouble. Understand? Big trouble?”

“Yes. You? No trouble. Me fifth element.” Fai smiles. “Supreme being. Me protect you. Hm. Sleep.”

Kurogane stares and soon his eyes close.

Note: And I'll post up the next two batches next week when I come back! :D I'm going to Mexico, VACATION HERE I COME! :D
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