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“The Fifth Element”

A series of 50 KuroxFai 100- word drabbles

Author: DayDreamer64/ MadWanderer
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Pairing(s): KuroxFai, hints of DoumekixWatanuki & SyaoxSaku, ChixHideki, SeixSub, FuumaxKamui
Genres: Romance/ Angst/ Thriller
Summary: Time is not important. Only life is.
Note: Just came back all requested fanfiction will be posted up...- I'll have entry about it soon. >.>''

(Batch III – Drabbles XXI – XXX)
(Batch V – Drabbles XLI – L)

Gathering the four elements, water, wind, fire, earth around a fifth element...

XXXI: “Disappointment"
“Have you taken off already?” Fei Wong Reed asks.

“No. The real Kurogane took my place.” Kyle replies. “I don’t understand.”

“Are you mocking me?”

“I’ve tried every way possible. There’s no way to get on this plane master.”

“I am… A little…disappointed… and if there is one thing I do not like it is to be disappointed.”

“I’m sorry master, it will never happened again.”

“I know.”

An explosion occurs.

It’s sending radio wave lengths…


He serves him…

He wants the stones… Money is of no importance- he wants the stones… He will be among them… soon…

XXXII: “Happiness”
So many new people… Such strange faces… Who are they? He grins, the colors are so bright and the people are so friendly… This is what he’s trying to save. This here- the happiness of these people.


Where could Fai have gone off to? He knew it was a bad idea to fall asleep. He will have to look for him. But first he’ll see the Diva… with Yuui.


“We are going to the hall- a perfect replica of the old opera house.” Yuui grins, holding his microphone. “Hyuu~! So big!”

Kurogane shakes his head- too much like Fai.

XXXIII: “Beloved"
It is time for the Mangalores to act…

A young pale girl with long golden hair, golden eyes, ears large and pink- she is a persocom in other worlds but here she is a Diva, known as Chi. Her beloved waits for her in her room. Chi kissed him before she left… Her… beloved… Hideki…


Fai waits by the Diva’s room, listening to her song. Such… a beautifully sad… song. Chi…


Two ships want permission to dock for repairs. The permission is granted for one hour.

More time than Fei Wong Reed needs. He’ll have the stones.

XXXIV: “Stage”
The bullets begin in the Diva’s room first.


The blood is flowing from him- Chi knows it.


Fai doesn’t remember much but he does remember… he breathes deeply, angrily. They… they were the ones who killed them… they… shall pay. They can’t win. He is the supreme being- he was sent to protect… he shall kill them.


Chi knows her song will encourage Fai- this rhythm goes with his fighting skills. He will defeat them. They move as one on different stages. He fights, she dances, sings- to the same tempo. He bows and so does she.

XXXV: “Shooting”
“It was an ambush.” A Mangalore reports.

They all grunt in anger.

“If it’s war they want.” The leader grunts. “It’s war they’ll get!”


“Bravo. Bravo. My compliments. You got rid of them better than I could have.” Fei Wong Reed raises the gun menacingly. “Hand over the stones.”

Fai looks down at the crate- the stones aren’t there. He looks at the man and throws it at him, running away and jumps into one of the vents above him.

Fei Wong Reed is not to be tested. He raises the gun and shoots, everywhere along the vent.


XXXVI: “Blood”
Bullets are ringing throughout the ship- the Mangalores will have their revenge.


So much… blood. Chi knew she would die. It wasn’t a surprise to her. That’s why when the bullet comes, she welcomes it. Chi will be with Hideki.


Syaoran and Sakura have been busy watching. Something is occurring on the ship. But what?


“You’re in the middle of a war!”

Fai keeps moving, shouting out when he is hurt.


Chi is shot, just like she was told she would be…


Time to leave. Fei Wong Reed lowers the gun. But a little present.

XXXVII: “Fragile"
“Ladies and gentleman we’re being attack or something. They’re everywhere. I see! They’re warriors- they’re ugly, big teeth, big foreheads, big ears and they stink!” Yuui narrates, eagerly.

Kurogane ignores him and tries to help Chi, “The government sent me to help you- stay calm.”

“You must give him the stones.”


“The Fifth element. The supreme being, sent to earth to save the universe.”

“Fai…?” Kurogane whispers.

“Yes… But he is more fragile that he seems. He needs your help… and your love” she smiles.  “Or he will die…”

Chi wants to be with Hideki…


“Help…” Fai sobs. “Help…”

XXXVIII: “Stones”
“Wait. Where are the stones?” Kurogane shakes her gently.

“The stones…” Chi fights to stay awake she must say…


Fei Wong Reed is already leaving when he opens the crate. The stones… aren’t there.


“The stones…” Chi whispers. “Are in me…”


He doesn’t understand at first but soon he will…

A Mangalore comes- Kurogane flips him onto the ground and gives Yuui the gun.

“What do I do?” Yuui squeaks.

“If he moves shoot.” Kurogane rolls his eyes.


“The stones… are in me….” Kurogane whispers.

He pushes his hand into her stomach and feels… stone… there.

XXXIX: “Fight”
He pulls them out, one after another- there are four.


He jumps and the gun is shot.

Yuui looks over the seats. “Hyuu, there are more coming.”

“Shutup. Guard this with your life.” He gives him the stones and grabs the gun. He’ll fight.


Fuuma groans. This was supposed to be a discreet operation. And now, Yuui had taken to narrating everything with excruciating details.

“It could be worse.” Kamui shrugs.

“Yeah, it could have been me.” Seishirou grins.

“That is bad.” Subaru agrees.

“Ssh! I’m trying to listen.” Yuuko scolds

“Kurogane was a good choice.” Clow nods.

XL: “Negotiation”
“Seven on the left, five on the right.” Kurogane shoots. “Three on the right, two on the left.”

Yuui eagerly repeats, narrating

“We need to find the leader.” Kurogane mutters. “Mangalores don’t fight without a leader.”

“Any more shooting and we start killing hostages!”

“That’s the leader.” Kurogane nods.

“Send someone to negotiate.” The leader continues.

Kurogane looks at the others, all looking away pointedly, mutters, “Cowards.”

He walks in, gun close to his side and then he aims, shoots in the fraction of a second straight at the leader. He raises his gun menacingly. “Anyone else want to negotiate?”

Note: I love that last scene the most. XD Just one more part left! Hyuu~ It'll be up by tomorrow! ^.^
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