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“The Fifth Element”
A series of  50 KuroxFai 100- word drabbles
Author: DayDreamer64/ MadWanderer
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Pairing(s): KuroxFai, hints of DoumekixWatanuki & SyaoxSaku
Genres: Romance/ Angst/ Thriller
Summary: Time is not important. Only life is.
Note: FINALLY. IT IS DONE. :D I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I did in writing it. ^.^

(Batch IV – Drabbles XXXI – XL)
(Batch I – Drabbles I – X)

Gathering the four elements, water, wind, fire, earth around a fifth element...

XLI: “Bomb”
“Ladies and gentleman this is Yuui-san- still alive.”

Kurogane ignores the narration and looks among the TV cameras. Where’s Fai…-there!

Kurogane runs, to the room- the Diva suite. That’s where he is. Dammit. He sees his pale arm and taps it- no… please don’t be dead.

“Fai… I’m here. It’s all right.” he gently pulls him down onto the piano. “We’ve got the stones.”

Yuui pants for breath and stares at the door. “It’s- it’s… no. If it’s a bomb, alarms would be going off- all these hotels have them… right?” he laughs nervously.

Suddenly alarms begin to ring.

XLII: “Honor”
Fei Wong Reed won’t rest until he has the stones. Of course he knows there’s a bomb in the hotel.

Kurogane rushes out- Fai in his arms, Yuui following, grinning. They reach the docks- there is Sakura and Syaoran with a ship- they’ll be safe…


Mangalores do not live with defeat.

“For the honor…” he murmurs and he presses the button.


“Oh no…” Fei Wong Reed mutters.


Syaoran manages to take the ship out of the dock. He shall to take them to the temple. They’re saved… The human race will live.

Kurogane will tend to Fai.

“The Diva said I should take care of you.” Kurogane mutters, as he tends to Fai’s wounds. He is gentle- no need to be harsh now.

“Humans act so strange…” Fai whispers, voice low, sapphire eyes clouded with pain.

“What do you mean?”

“Everything you create… is used to destroy”

“Yeah. Call it human nature. You’ll learn it.”

“I’m not finished yet. I’m up to V”

“Lot’s of good words with V…” Kurogaen mused softly.


“Valiant…Vulnerable… very beautiful….”

Fai smiles, a sad smile… but a smile nonetheless. Kuro-sama can be so sweet…


Evil is coming to Earth.


XLIV: “Speed”
There is not much time left… The humans celebrate without knowing…

It’s advancing at an incredible speed…

Where is it heading?



“Clow would like to speak to you Kurogane.” Fuuma sighs. He is worn out.

Kamui grabs his hand tightly and he smiles encouragingly at him.

“I would like to congratulate you-”

“Point?” Kurogane cuts in.

“A ball of fire is headed our way and we have no idea how to stop it.”


“An hour and fifty-seven minutes.”

“I’ll call you back.” He hangs up. He looks at Syaoran. “We have to get to the temple. Now.”

Fai doesn’t know what war is… He looks at the screen and types in the word. He takes it all in…. The weapons… all… so grotesque… and the fear begins to show in him… So much…death… He gasps, crying. This… is war? This is what he is trying to save…?


They land in the temple and proceed to place the stones around, the fifth element in the middle- and the weapon of evil shall…

“But where?” Watanuki cries out.

“Match up the symbols.” Syaoran points out.

“We have to open them.” Doumeki mutters.

“How?” Sakura asks.

No one answers.

XLVI: “Wind for wind…”
Kurogane rushes over to Fai and wakes him gently, “Fai, how do we open the stones?”

“The wind blows… fire burns… rain… falls…” Fai whispers and he is asleep.


“Fai-san!” Sakura tries to wake him. “No…”

Sakura begins to cry, having lost control, and Syaoran tries to comfort her.

“Too late…” Fai murmurs as darkness shrouds the temple.

Watanuki stands by one of the stones and sighs, “We’re never gonna make it.” And he gasps. “It moved!”

He shrieks as Doumeki comes up behind him… Yellow dust begins shine

Wind for wind…. Earth…water for water… Fire… A flame…

XLVII: “Beautiful”
One minute…

“Fai wake up.” Kurogane rushes to him and picks him up. “Time for you to work.”

“Protect life…” Fai is breathless. “Until death.”

“No. Come on, listen to me Fai. I know you’re very tired- I’ll take you on a vacation- just the two of us. But please you have to help us or else we’ll all die.”

“What’s the use in saving life when with what you do…”

“There are things worth saving. Beautiful things dammit.”

“Like love?” Fai sobs.

“Yes. Love is a good example. It’s worth saving”


It will enter the atmosphere…

XLVIII: “Love”
“I don’t know love…” Fai croaks. “I don’t know love- I was built to protect… not to love. So what’s my use?”

“No, you’re wrong, you’ve very wrong. I need you.”

Fai looks at him, “Why?”


“Tell him…” Yuui coos.



“Tell me. Please. Why do you need me?”






“Because… I love you…”

Fai sobs, and lips meets- desperate, full of need.




The lights shine together, around the two kissing figures in the middle and then Fai screams- a light shooting from him. Kurogane yells, holding onto him tightly.

XLIX: “Relief”
And then it is gone. Fai goes limp in Kurogane’s arms. The yellow, green, red, and blue lights fade. The stones close.


The dark planet is dead…

Fuuma laughs and buries his face in Kamui’s hair.

Seishirou hugs a blushing Subaru.

Yuuko grins at them and Clow smiles- the humans are safe… Safe


Watanuki is so relieved, they’re saved, they’re- he feels Doumeki holding him and he shrieks-

“Not now you moron!”

Sakura laughs, “Himawari-chan will be happy to see you two are still the best of friends, ne Syaoran-kun?”

They are safe…  The humans races, lives on.

L: “Protect out of Love”
“Where are they?” Yuuko asks.

“In the regeneration chamber.” Fuuma smirks. “I wouldn’t disturb them if I were you.”

Everyone snickers.

“Why?” Clow asks.

Yuuko peers in and gasps, giggling. “Ohohoho! They’re having fun!


Kurogane will love him always. He feels his skin. Fai learns. Each kiss is new to him and he loves them all. It’s Kurogane…

He grins up at him. Kurogane grins down at him. All these feelings… It’s all for him because Kurogane needs him… He’s loved… And he loves as well.

Fai will protect Kurogane and Kurogane will protect Fai and they will love.

Note: Nyaah~! I'm so happy I finished! ^.^ Comments are appreciated! ^-^

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Date: 2008-02-27 11:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
awwww, that was very cute. Though on of your sections has one too many "to" i think it's before "V"

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Date: 2008-02-28 03:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*does the wiggle happy dance* Sooooo cute!!!! I really like the way you did this, too, since it would have taken FOREVER with nondrabbles. *sigh* If only we had fanart for this.

SO CUTE!!!!!

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Date: 2008-02-28 04:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*loves* ^^
I really like these... The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies, and Kuro/Fai is one of my favorite pairings... *dances in glee* It worked so well, too... I don't think I ever would have thought to combine them, though in hindsight they fit rather well... *praises some more, gives cupcakes*


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Date: 2008-02-28 07:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Squee! It was everything I hoped for and more!! *dances* I LOVED it!!! Especially the ending and the drama and Yuuko's reaction!!


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