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Title: “Longing”
Author: DayDreamer64/ MadWanderer
Fandom: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
Pairing: KuroxFai
Genre: Oh the ANGST!/ near smut. ^.~
Rating: PG-13… ish. >.>’’
Summary: No, not yet… Not ever
Note: For Li-chan. Yes I promised fluff but it has near smut to make up for it! :D Oh and also, I'm lazy in crossposting- I think I'll just leave this fic posted up here. >.>''

Kurogane couldn’t pretend he didn’t care because that would be lying. But that didn’t mean he could do anything about it, because there wasn’t. He wasn’t going to force the magician to do anything but live. If he still wanted anything more than it was up to him to go after it, not him. He was still here, still waiting…


Fai couldn’t stand it. How could the ninja still want him after everything he had done? He couldn’t read minds yet like the vampires that had turned him but he could sense the feelings of those around him.

They all gave off different waves of emotions. The princess was always trying to remain indifferent, sometimes crying and giving off influences of sadness that radiated all around the room suffocating all other feelings. But as of lately another emotion began to shine within her- one she held onto with need.


He went about his business as usual, keeping an eye on the children, magician, and pork bun. Although the number of children uder his eye had decreased to one and the magician kept away from him for the most part he was still the responsible one. The princess and the mage were doing as they liked and the kid was always left alone.

Someone had to try to keep a cool head.


The real Syaoran was always a tangle of mixed emotions. He was always angry or sad but sometimes he would block off all his emotions somehow. He hadn’t figured out how he had it but Fai had a vague suspicion.

The ninja- he was always worrying yet he never showed it. But there was also those small instances whenever they fought in the chess game or whenever he fed- their arms would brush and then a flare of lust would erupt. Fai sometimes wondered why he never acted on it. Each time the ninja walked away he would be left with a strong force of frustrating longing.


He had to force him to feed- that was really no small surprise for him. However it was annoying what he felt every time that small mouth descended on his wrist, the small pink tongue reaching out to lick first, then fangs scraping, digging into the wound as the blood flowed up to his mouth- the pent up growing passion was getting harder to control.

Those lips were still so soft even though his eye was no so hard.

But he wouldn’t. He couldn’t do anything with him until…


It wasn’t fair that the ninja still wanted him and freely expressed it in his emotions he kept hidden but not so hidden. He could feel the want in those ruby eyes and the great effort he made to do push it away-

Half the time all he wanted to do was kiss him or pin him down and suck him dry. But he wouldn’t. No one could get close- not anymore.


Kurogane had to distract himself from the feeding- anything to erase the image of the blonde sucking the flowing blood from his wrist.

There was silence as the vampire continued feeding and all Kurogane could hear was the blood rushing to his ears as he turned back to the exposed neck. It would be so easy to just-

And suddenly the mage was on him, pressing an urgent kiss to his mouth, surprising them both. An expert tongue slipped into his part lips, sliding along his- a slow rhythmic motion of humming need. Hips grinded together, hands framing his face, pulling him closer, sharing breath. All so fast , all so soon, all so- wrong.

Exerting a great amount of will power he took those hands running down his chest and still them. With even more amount of force he stepped back from the mage, disentangling their tongues- faces so close, too close.

“No.” he whispered- why was his voice so low? “No…”

“Why not?” the mage countered, eye looking down at his chest- why wouldn’t he look at him? “Isn’t this what you want? Sex?”

“No. Not like this.”

He let go of hose hands abruptly and turned to walk away. He couldn’t- not yet.


Fai watched him go, eye cast down. He looked at the blood he had spilt there. Slowly, nonchalantly he bent down and wiped a finger coating it nicely. He lifted it to his mouth, opening to suck thoughtfully.

He shook his head, chuckling- his eye had switched to a gold again, “No Kurogane… Not ever…”

Note: And… yeah I’d like to hear what people think on this! :D

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ask for smut-ish and it shall be delivered :D
talk about misleading...*sighs* they make it too complicated for themselves, just get laid and get it over with *eye roll*

>.<" spoilers much?...u might as well just tell me the whole story!

...but don't :D

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