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Title: “Priceless”
Author: DayDreamer64/ MadWanderer
Fandom: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
Pairing: SeixSub
Genre: Fluff/Crack/ Lime-ish?
Summary: There are some wishes that can’t be granted…
Note: Well this is mostly considered a crack fic by my standards even if it has SOME serious moments. Don’t ask me how it came about, it just did. XD Enjoy I guess!

The price for…

Obtaining the wish of traveling across dimensions: one eye.

It was raining. He watched as the swirls of magic began to fade away and a house began to loom into view. He watched as a woman with red eyes stepped out onto the porch staring at him steadily. And he watched as her gaze looked over him in the rain.

“Good morning, Yuuko-san.” He bowed as he offered her a bottle he had brought with him. “May we talk?”

She nodded, beckoning him to follow her. There was no noise as they made their way around the house- total silence…

They sat down on her back porch and suddenly two girls came, carrying glasses. One had light blue hair with blue eyes; the other had pink hair with pink eyes. Bowing they handed them to her and left without a word. Those without souls… he nodded as he poured out the sake for her. Filling both glasses to the brim he placed the bottle between them both as they sipped quietly. She stared out into her garden, and he looked at her.

“You know why I am here.” Seishirou began.

She said nothing; she merely continued to stare away.

“I wish to follow him.” Seishirou stated. “I know you are the only one who can grant me this.”

Her eyes looked over him for a moment then closing her eyes she replied, “I can give you the power to cross dimensions but only for a certain number of times. The rest… is up to you.”

He paused for a moment and looking down at the puddles gathering due to the rain, he appreciated his amber eyes for one brief moment. His mother had often told him his eyes were like his father’s. Subaru had told him his eyes were a soft gold that made him feel warm. She had always been comparing him to others… but Subaru, he had given him his own identity.

He would do anything… for his wish.

He smiled at the Dimensional Witch and nodded, “I’ll pay it.”

One book on vampires: teach a boy how to fight.

The boy was holding onto the book tightly, looking at him with wide eyes filled with fear. He knew he’d be scared. After all, he had just beaten down four men at once. He knew who he was…

“I don’t want to steal the book from you. I just want to confirm something the books says.” He smiled at the young boy before him, holding close onto the book in his hands.


“The book has information on the people that drink blood to survive.” He explained calmly- no need to frighten him if he didn’t get what he wanted quietly.

“Vampires right?” the boy finally spoke, his voice calm and steady.

“You know I lot.” He nodded.

“I read about it from a book my dad gave me, but it’s just a story…-”

“Vampires do exist.” He interrupted softly smile fading slightly. “I’m searching for two of them.”

“Does this book say something about the two vampires you are trying to find?” He seemed so honest- it was none of his business…

“I don’t know.” he smiled. “But there might be some clues.”

The boy before him seemed to think for a moment then he extended the book out to him. He stared at him for a moment then he smiled at him. He was so trusting…

“Is it all right?” Seishirou asked. “I might be tricking you into giving me the book and then steal it from you.”

The boy stood where he was, holding out the book to him, “I don’t know if you are trying to trick me or not. But at least I believe what you said about searching for vampires is true.”


“You are traveling around like this to search for those two vampires?” the boy sat on the ledge, watching him cautiously- how… amusing. “Where did you come from?”

He covered his face slightly, staring down as his eyes grew distant, “A far away  place…”

The conversation was turning out quite pleasantly. He was gaining information but not the type he needed- this boy… Seishirou shook his head. They all had lives to live; this one wasn’t his to interfere in.

“You are searching for those two vampires so that you can catch them?”

He looked at him, without saying a word. The boy was also perceptive but… not quite right in his guess. He lifted the book from his lap and extended it to him, smiling, “It’s too bad I can’t find someone who knows how to read this book.”

“I know how. My dad taught me.” he reached out for the book, gripping it close to his chest- a determined glint shined in his eyes. “In exchange… please teach me how to fight, to be able to fight even if my right eye can’t see.”

Seishirou listened to the offer with slight interest, “Your name?”


He smiled, this was to come wasn’t it? “…My name is Seishirou.”

Getting information about vampire twins: battle with former student.


That was the first thing he heard as the swirls dispersed from around him. He smiled, looking about his surroundings- Hmm… No vampires here but… Ah…

“It’s been a while… or then again perhaps not.” He greeted them each with a smile- they were all weary of him. “I don’t actually know how long it has been for you, since the flow of time differs between world.”

“He’s talking just like you did, Fuuma….” The little creature was Yuuko’s and Clow’s creation. “Is that because you’re brothers?”

“Mmm… that’s kinda complicated!” his brother smiled.

“But then, you always are, aren’t you Seishirou-nii-san.”

“Same goes for you.” Seishirou found himself amused by their defensive postures. “But as for you… I don’t know that I can say you’re the same as always.”

The blood of Kamui… given to the magician, but they weren’t here. They had moved on. He wasn’t interested in this world if they weren’t here… However, he had something he had to give in order to receive more information-

“They say that hunters are naturally drawn to prey…But it seems the ones I truly wish to find continue to elude me.”

He let the magic begin once again however the young boy stopped him. He smiled at the boy. It had been so long since he had seen him. He had grown just like his father.

“Well then… Let us begin.” He slipped on his glasses, and held out his sword. “We battle for the possession of the feather.”

Finding the vampire twins and finally having his wish granted by Subaru…?

“I’ve found you.” Seishirou looked down at the vampire pinned below him.

“Yes.” He whispered. “What will you do now?”

Seishirou paused for a moment then he grinned- finally he could do what he wanted without the other twin to bother him (he would have to thank his younger brother later). Finally he could be alone with Subaru. Finally he could-

Lowering himself down onto the squirming body he was pleased to watch the blush began to rise into those cheeks- he missed that.

“What do you think I’ll do Subaru-kun?” He was softly, letting his breath blow over the face inches below him.

“I… I don’t… know.” he whispered.

He smirked and leaned in even closer, “Do you really don’t know…?”

Oh he knew. He could tell from those large green eyes that the vampire knew. And he could tell that the vampire wanted it just as well. He let his hand drift down towards the cheek and caressed it slowly. Green eyes closed contentedly, a smile flowering onto those lips. He leaned in further and pressed his own lips to those.

Just one touch- a brush of intimacy that awoke the vampire’s suppressing need and his as well. He moved over the mouth slowly, savoring each curve, the soft and fullness of it as he licked the lower lip then the upper tantalizing both to open. They did so and a moan was lost within his mouth as his tongue dived in, quickly exploring and learning over again the familiar mouth that only he could touch this way.

He licked the row of teeth slowly, the tongue, and then the fangs enticing another moan and a choking noise from the back of the vampire’s throat. He still made noise- and for him…

Seishirou could feel the vampire’s hand reaching up timidly to touch him, wrapping his arms around him pulling him closer. Seishirou growled in approval, at the feel of the soft body pinned below him. Only he could do this. No one else. Not even his twin.

Priceless. For every other wish- there’s Yuuko-san.

Note: lols. I must have been on crack I tell you. XDD It is sort of serious but I consider it crack- cuz honestly a commercial inspired this. LOLS. That has never happened before. Ahh~! This is what happens when you’re as crazy as I am- you begin to get ideas from everything. x3

And if anyone spots any errors, let me know. I'm sorta too sleep to look through it.

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Date: 2008-05-21 08:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I very much enjoyed this. Having it set up like a mastercard commercial (I laughed when I read the last line, for every other wish there's Yuuko-san)was really funny, but then parts of it I thought were kind of... sweet, in a way, because that's how determined Seishioru is to finding Subaru.

I really liked this, it's very well written.


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