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Title: “What If?”
Author: DayDreamer64/ MadWanderer
Fandom: X/1999 & Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Characters/ Pairing(s): Seishirou, Subaru, Hokuto, Fuuma, Kamui, Setsuka / SeixSub & FuumaxKamui in later chapters.
Genre: Um... Weird?
Summary: What if there was a way you could go back and relive your entire life in a different place and time? There’d be a price.
Note: CRAP. I AM LAZY. I FAIL. SORRY? *hides*

Chapter Five:
Second Chance

Subaru awoke to the sound of a scream. Something… was going on downstairs. He could hear the noise reaching loud levels and suddenly a sharp tug seemed to pull on his mind- a person calling out to him…?


Rushing out of bed he ran down the winding steps, heart racing and blood rushing to his ears. He slowed down trying to steady his breath before turning into the kitchen where he realized just what was wrong…

Lying in the tub was a woman he knew to be Setsuka Sakurazukamori, dead. On the ground next to the tub was his elder sister, emerald eyes reflecting his image, blood oozing from a hole in her chest.

“Hokuto-chan!” his eyes filled with tears as he sensed her presence fading away.

He could still hear her voice in his mind, faintly.

No… Hokuto-chan.

and that was it- he heard no more as all life was drained from his sister.

He felt his legs give way and he fell down to his knees. He turned away and his eyes landed on his twin brother. Emerald eyes widening in horror, as he raised his black-gloved hand to his mouth.

“… Kamui?” he whispered in disbelief.

His twin brother was bleeding from his head and he was sure that his ribs were broken- but he was alive. His dark haired head lifted up slightly off the floor as clouded violet eyes looked up into his.

“Subaru…” he whispered.

And his brother fainted, all consciousness left him as he laid still on the ground, breath uneven. Subaru turned away from them and to the culprit before him. He had honey-golden eyes, which he hid behind glasses. His spiky dark hair moved with the wind as he stood within the open doorway. He stared as the stranger moved to go and felt anger bubbling in him- he could let this man leave, not after what he had done…

“Were you…” Subaru breathed hollowly. “… the one who did this…?”

The stranger stopped for a moment then he looked over his shoulder at him. His eyes held a perverse amused glint as he smiled, “Obviously…”

Subaru was suddenly filled with an irrepressible fury as his emerald eyes glowed gold. He yanked his gloves in one quick movement, nails extending. He didn’t know who this man before him was. All he knew was that he was the reason why his sister was dead and his brother was hurt. And all he wanted at that moment was to inflict as much pain to him as possible.

The man made to leave again but upon catching sight of the long nails of the vampire, he stopped, looking over at him with mild interest, “Tell me… what’s your name…?”

Politeness compelled him to answer, “Subaru…”

“And your siblings?” He fully turned now to appreciate the vampire nearing him.

“Hokuto-chan and Kamui.”

“Well…” he nodded thoughtfully. “I’m Seishirou Sakurazukamori- it a pleasure to meet you Subaru-kun.” He bowed but his eyes never left Subaru’s. “Your sister, Hokuto-chan killed my mother-” here he pointed at the woman lying in the tub. “-I came here to simply take my place as Sakurazukamori- your sister wouldn’t know the significance of the title. I guess you could say I came for revenge.”

“Revenge…?” Subaru whispered. “Of what?”

“My mother’s death belonged to me…” Seishirou replied cheerfully as he neared him. “Hokuto-chan was meant to die as well- mother told me I’d kill a vampire and so I have.”

Subaru knew he should move but why did he feel like staying where he was? Who… was this man? How could he have such control over him?

“Shall I kill you?” the whisper was accompanied by breath cool over his face.

He looked up, eyes wide at the question- why… couldn’t he move? Why was he staying where he was? And suddenly an inexplicable force fueled his anger again- he… would kill this man-

Seishirou was smirking at his frozen state. He moved to go but Subaru was already moving, reaching up to Seishirou’s neck, fangs extending as he bit down on the pulse.

The man stiffened under the assault, all intentions of leaving forgotten as his blood was taken from him. They fell down to their knees, Subaru still intent on draining the man’s blood when suddenly the blood he had withdrawn slid down his throat.

He gasped, choking on the blood as his mind began to reel, memories flooding back to him, flashing past him in a silent film. He pulled himself away, leaving Seishirou to collapse on the floor with a groan.

Subaru grabbed his head in his hands and cried out in agony. It was as if he was watching another person’s life at least he thought it was, but it was too different…

Different in the sense that he recalled all those recurring nightmares in perfect detail and knew the whole story behind it.

At age eight, Seishirou-san- the Sakurazukamori, top assassain of Tokyo making a bet with him…

At age sixteen watching his twin sister Hokuto Sumeragi dying by the hand of the man he loved while he had withdraw into his heart- miles away as she faded into nothingness.

At age twenty- five battling Seishirou-san at Rainbow Bridge and killing him with his own hand.

The Final Day, watching Kamui and /Kamui/ decide the Earth’s fate as a voice spoke to him.

What is your wish?

I wish to go back… to the beginning…

A scream echoed in Subaru’s ears before everything in front of his eyes disappeared into darkness.

“There is a price…”

In the far away darkness he could hear Kamui’s voice, “I…”

Subaru laid on his side, panting for breath as he fought to see the true scene before his eyes. There he was, Seishirou-san. The man he loved, dying once more before his eyes but this time he could do something about it. Scrambling over to the Sakurazukamori- apparently this would haunt him no matter what life they were in- Subaru slit his wrist with one long nail, pulling the man into his arms.

“Seishirou-san.” He whispered eyes now streaming with tears as he lifted his wrist to those lips. “Drink this. Please.”

Seishirou briefly glanced up at him, eyes hazy with pain.

“Drink it!” Subaru repeated urgently. He had to save him- in this second life. This was a second chance and was taking it. “Please!”

The Sakurzukamori looked up at him, doubtfully but did as he was told mouth opening as Subaru’s blood dropped into his mouth. He quickly pulled his wrist away- that was enough. Enough to revive him but now… now he had other things to do and the only way to do that was to go to the one person he knew would have the answers.

He moved to the kitchen sink, pulling out a large dark basin as he went. He slipped it under the running water, and watched it fill, ignoring Seishhirou’s  cries of agony- his body structure was changing- he would be quicker, full of stamina like that of a vampire but not quite. That’s why Subaru had made sure to give him very little- otherwise he’d also turn into one of his kind.

Subaru murmured a quick prayer and let another drop of his blood fall into the basin as he whispered another low chant- his powers of his previous life were still present, maybe not as strong as before but with the combined knowledge of being an onmyouji in his past life and being a vampire in his present life it helped now in speaking to that person… Yuuko Ichihara- the Dimensional Witch.

When her image appeared before his eyes he asked in a shaking voice, “I’d-I’d like an explanation Yuuko-san.”

She looked at him with a small sigh before replying, “So the time has come…” she nodded. “Very well someone shall come to transport you very shortly.”

Subaru nodded and soon the Dimensional Witche’s face in the water disappeared. Sighing he turned to the quiet Sakurazukamori and kneeled down beside him.

“Seishirou-san…” Subaru murmured softly. “I won’t let you die this time…”

He reached out a hand towards him, but suddenly he pulled away- no… not yet. He needed to know what exactly had happened. This… what was happening to him could only be a dream- but it was real… Seishirou was alive, so was he, Kamui and…-

“S…” looked down to see amber eyes open, looking up at him. “Su… baru…-kun… I’ve found you…”

Subaru stared, Seishirou could remember also? Then… what did-?

“Excuse me.”

Subaru looked around to see a young girl with straight black hair, pale white skin and deep silver eyes-

“Arashii Kishu.” She bowed. “Yuuko-san sent me.”

“Ah, yes.” Subaru nodded looking around- Seishirou had slipped back into unconsciousness. “My sister…” he looked over at Hokuto. This is the second time you’ve killed her Seishirou-san… and I still love you. “My sister is dead, but I’d like to take her body along.”

“And the man?” She pointed neutrally. “What about him?”

Subaru stared for a moment at the Sakurazukamori. Would he take him too? But if Kamui saw him he’d recognize who he was and would try to kill him- Subaru wouldn’t allow it. He would make sure he lived this time. Frowning he lightly brushed a lock away from his face.

Come and find me Seishirou-san…

He moved away, sweeping up his sister’s body with him and his broth-… Kamui’s body as well. He gave a brief nod to the girl- could she be the Arashii I knew?- and saw the familiar pentacle below his feet begin to glow. He watched as the magic flashed all around them and that’s when he heard it- a silent whisper in the corner of his mind, but he recognized that voice so well, knowing to whom it belonged.

I’ll find you Subaru-kun…

He closed his eyes slowly. Yes… he was alive.

I’ll be waiting, Seishirou-san…

Note: And FINALLY everything will begin to make sense~ ^-^

Also, the song “What If” by Kate Winslet (lyrics) inspired the fic.

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