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Title: Fade
Author: [ profile] ilcocoabean/ [ profile] madwanderer
Fandom: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
Pairing: SubaruxKamui
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 286
Summary: There were two reasons why Subaru kept running.
Note: And here is the companion piece to “Focus”! This wasn’t very good though. >.>;; Or maybe it is, but now it’s spurned off a whole lot more S/K drabbles and plot bunnies and whatnot. So this isn’t the last one you’ll see. ^-^;;

Subaru had seen humans come and go, their lives were so fleeting and transitory- each evanescent moment treasured in their hearts. And he loved to watch, loved to be a witness to their great happiness. He, who had a long life and could enjoy it for many more years to come, he didn’t know what it was like to enjoy the moment when he always had another chance to relive it in another circumstance, with other people and with a different view. He sometimes wondered what it would be like to live such a short life.

Humans only lived for a little while. That’s why he just couldn’t allow his brother to kill this one human. This hunter who had somehow disturbed and drastically altered his routinely lifestyle of feeding on blood and watching helplessly as these wonderful creatures known as humans died due to his need for blood. His words, his eyes, his smile- that smile that hid so much, a perfect mask that he adored to look at despite being made up of so much lies- it was all so… different and intriguing from what he was used to.

He was afraid that the smile would fade away just like the many others he had seen upon other humans. He was so terribly scared that he’d never see that smile again and that it would disappear forever without him have the proper opportunity to see it again.

That’s one reason why he kept running with his brother; he didn’t want to be at fault for a human’s death. It didn’t matter if he had lengthened his life just a bit- he wanted him to live as long as possible without fear of his twin having slain another human.

But then again, there was another reason as well…


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